November 19, 2010

New House Paint

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  1. It looks really nice. Is that a little darker than it was before?
    Do I see a few leaves in your yard????...LOL... If yours is like ours they have been cleaned up a dozen times. We had a really strong wind storm here Tues night and our yard was covered again. Brent had just clean it good on Monday. Had to do it all again today. Hope it's the last time.
    Got all my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving done today. Just have to run back out to pick up a chicken on Tues for my noodles and then start cooking.
    Good looking house and images.

  2. Bill and I are going to Jamesport on the Dutch Pantry for dinner. No cooking for me! Yipppeee....

  3. Can I come too.....I'm having at least 16 for dinner. I really hate cooking for Thanksgiving because I cook so many things that I don't cook any other time of year and it's always like starting over.
    By the way did you watch the throwdown between Bobby Flay and Pioneer Woman? I would like to try a couple of the recipes.

  4. I'm thinking I'll just fly to your surely won't notice one more mouth...LOL..
    I don't cook for Thanksgiving...maybe when I retire, I'll start but right now, I just enjoy the couple days off before the rush of peak season.

    No, missed that throw down. I saw where it was going to be on but forgot about it. I'll be waiting to see those recipes posted on the blog, along with pictures....what did they fix and who's was the best?

  5. Come on I'll put out another plate.

    Pioneer Woman won.....some of her recipes are on her site and links to Bobby's on the food network.



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