November 13, 2010

Mighty Oak

Walked around the yard this afternoon looking for something to snap and this is what I came up with.

The ground is covered under one of our trees. The squirrels should have plenty to eat this winter.

When I'm watching TV in the sunroom I can see the squirrels run up & down this tree. That's more fun to watch than some of the TV shows.

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  1. Wonderful image, Nita and your story to go along with it was awesome. I can see you sitting, in that newly redecorated room, watching the world on the outside. Love your composition and the framing of these little beauties. To some they are only little acorns, to you, they are a piece of the beauty that makes up this earth we live on and you have shown this in your image. Lovely, lovely shot!

    Me? I've not taken a single photo yet this week but the house is all painted except for the two walls on the back side that you can't see unless you walk around there. If it warms up a bit this afternoon, I'll snap a shot of it and share it with you. I'm still on the fence as to liking it or not. I'm hoping the second coat in the Spring will shift my opinion to the positive. One more week on vacation and then its into the mad rush of the season. Ugh....

  2. Thanks....Wish I could make it bigger.
    I like the size of your another round post.

    13 month will go by before you know it.

  3. Really nice shot! Color, composition, use of space. Nice.



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