November 16, 2010

Project for today

It has rained for the last 3 days needed something to cheer me up some. Planted these Paper White blubs and 2 Amaryllis blubs. One of the Amaryllis was new but the other one was from last year. Had it drying in the garage. Have no idea if it will bloom or not..... Hope so.
Also did a little more shopping and I have several packages that should be here in the next couple of days. I have never had my shopping started this early before in my life. Has me a little worried....LOL
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  1. you grow these without dirt? I've never done them before so will be anxious to see your progress with them. I love how you took shots of them and them laid it all out with that pretty font. Nice looking on the blog!

    Sorry....I've not been near the computer for a couple days. Bill is off this week and we've spent some time together. He will be deer hunting tomorrow, so I'll be home by myself again. I got all the first coat of paint on the house and one wall double coated and Bill and I got the icicle lights on the house today. I broke down last year and bought LED lights after the holiday. They are suppose to be more energy efficient. I'll put some more decorations up tomorrow and might put up my tree inside. I have got a little shopping done. Jerri Ann sent her wish list and the kids from the north helped me out so I have some stuff on order. Not any where near done but at least I'm started.

  2. You can grow them in dirt but I think this way is more interesting. It makes it look like you know what your doing......LOL....I wish I had picked up the smaller gravel instead of these larger rocks. I think it would look better. I used dirt for the Amaryllis.
    Have to start working on my grocery shopping list for Thanksgiving. Not fun!



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