November 8, 2010

Eight Ball

Well. it's not much but it is round!  LOL.....I took this yesterday morning but didn't have time to work with it until today.  This is on the window of a pool hall, here in town.  I took the raw file into PS and adjusted it to Black and White and then added a layer and change the blend mode to vivid light.  I don't know how or why but I love how it changed the image.  Got rid of the dirty window and gave the shadow a weird effect on the blinds.....added the black stroke and this is how it looks after.  I posted both images so you could see what the before looked like too.

I'm sure most folks would just say I made the image in Photoshop but I didn't...its really a photo.  But, it does give ideas for making clipart...LOL

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  1. I can't believe that I didn't see this post until today. So sorry!
    NIce work glad to see you playing around more in photoshop.The two images sure do look different.

  2. Yes, they was cool to watch the transformation with just that one click of the blend mode. Some day...soon, I hope!....I'll have more time to learn this program and maybe improve my photography abilities. I'm counting down now....13 more months and I'll get a month and a half off for vacations out of those months....yippee!



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