November 8, 2010

Another Round

I keep trying to capture the light right but it never seems to happen.  I blew out the light in this so had to adjust two of the same images on top of each other to get the bulb right.  I still think it is a bit too yellow but couldn't figure out how to change it without blowing it out completely.  I wanted the age of the bulb to show too.  I'm quite intrigued by this barber pole and don't really know why but I like capturing images of it.  I know I can take two exposures and meter for the highlights and the shadows but then I have to get them lined up correctly and that doesn't happen.  LOL...or well, this is close to what I saw when I took it except the boards are a bit darker but only because I liked the look better. 

Anyway, this is it for me on the subject of round....unless I process one more image but I really need to get my butt busying doing something around this house.

What type of image should we shoot for this week?  Color, shape, theme?  You pick!

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  1. Hope you can enjoy your vacation and not work your butt off.
    Love this image and I can understand why you are intrigued by it. You know I like it. It's the one I used for the i in my name that I have hanging in the sunroom.
    You did excellent work on this. One to be pround of.

    I can't think of about anything you want for the next 2 weeks.

  2. I forgot to say that I spent the day in the Ohio Amish Country shopping with my sister.

    I'm ready to decorate for Christmas.

  3. Thanks! I'm not ready for Christmas yet....the kids may be coming home this year, so I need to get myself ready but I'm too tired now...LOL....maybe over the Thanksgiving holidays, I'll get it in gear.



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