September 23, 2012

Just a couple cards

My lovely folks celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary last week, my sister celebrated her 62nd birthday and my brother celebrated his 65th birthday...all in one week!  We've always kidded the folks that Vicki was born on their anniversary and Roger was born 4 days later....they never get the joke!  LOL

Anyway, here is the card I made for mom and dad.

The paper is some I bought from My Craft Channel...its called Sweet Afternoon by Teresa Collings and believe it or not, the only part that is from the paper stock is the medallion at the top.  The little banners I cut from the cover sheet page.  They were perfect for the banners that I made and I didn't have to cut up all those paper sheets.  The ribbon is from my stash and I used removable tape to stick it to printer paper and ran it through my HP to print the sentiment.  The doily is from my stash and so are the buttons and rhinestones. The Rustic Cream cardbase and the kraft panel front are both from PaperTrey Inc.

This next card is the birthday card I made for my sister. 

This is from a digital kit called Summer Fun by Albums to Remember designs by Barb.  I printed all the papers off as 8 x 8 sheets and then just went from there.  I made the Happy Birthday panel myself with fonts on my computer and then I used the Silhouette to cut the flowers and leaves that I purchased from the shapes store.  I used the Grand Calibur to cut the scallop on the bottom of the card but if I'd had time, I'd figured out how to do that on the Silhouette too.  The little yellow buttons were picked up at Wal-Mart and the blue ribbon came from Paper Trey Inc.
If you can read the file name of the birthday card, don't laugh...I really can spell but my B won't work in PS if I've got a lot open at one time.  It takes a reboot of the computer to get it to working again and I didn't want to shut the file is called yellowlueirthday...LOL

I've still got two projects to share (told you about the one last week) but neither one is completely done yet.  Hopefully by the end of this week but I'm also cleaning the basement to get ready for the big garage sale on Saturday...which reminds me...need to call the paper tomorrow and put in an ad.

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  1. Beautiful cards Mary.

    You do lovely work and I can tell you really enjoy doing it.

    Thanks for sharing these with me.

  2. Thanks, Nita...yes, I do really enjoy doing them. Just need to find more down time so I don't feel as pressured to get them done. This time of the year, I find myself wanting to be outside instead of in the house. As soon as my laptop finishes its Vaio care, I'll post one of the projects I did 'finally' finish up today. I'm also working on the second one but need the laptop to finish it with. I should have said 'no' to running the Vaio care as it takes forever! LOL...

  3. Your enjoyment shows. Forgot to comment on your it.

    I just sit down to rest a minute while I'm waiting for an angel food cake to come out of the oven made a jello fruit salad earlier today to go with it.

  4. Have to tell you a cute story about the frog.....I had looked for quite a while for one but wasn't having much luck. Gavin and I were in Michaels one day and I told him I wanted to look for a frog...imagine the look he gave me when I got excited because they had one!!!!! Grandma, your idea of a frog and my idea are completely different!!

    I started making jello with fruit for Bill and I...he has never really cared for fruit mixed in his jello but this time he really loves it. I used Strawberry Kiwi jello and mixed fruit. I guess it was just the combination I was making before that he didn't like. I grew up on fruit filled jello. Would love to hear your jello fruit salad recipe!

  5. Recipe...I don't have a recipe I just use jello (this time cherry) add a can of mixed fruit and if I have any fresh fruit I throw that in. I added half of a banana and half an apple to the one I made yesterday. I really like the crunch of the apple in it. One of my favorites is lime
    jello with cottage and crushed pineapple haven't made that one in awhile.
    Glad you found your frog.

  6. Yep, that's exactly how I make mine. Bill says his mom never made it that way...we grew up on it! The lime with cottage and pineapple sounds yummy.

  7. I'll send you the recipe. I made it a lot for Mother when she was staying here it was one of her favorites.



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