September 25, 2012

Window Box Project

This is the next project Bill and I have tackled.  I've always wanted window boxes on these windows and my retirement has made it possible to do a lot of things I've wanted to do but never had the time for. Usually we were both trying to get housework and yard work done on our weekends and never had time for projects. But, since I've retired, I get all the mundane work done during the week so we can play on the weekends.  So, this past weekend, we got these done.

I bought (3) 1 x 6 x 8 feet cedar boards and (4) pre-made wooden brackets from Lowes.  The boxes measure 35 inches in length.  We cut three boards at 35 inches and used screws to form a open ended box.  Then we measured the open ends and cut the boards to fit each end as we went.  There was probably a more effienent way to do this but since Bill and I are not professional carpenters, we just do it how ever it makes sense to us.  Not that it always works out...LOL...sometimes we wonder how our minds think when we finally wake up and see that what we did was stupid...LOL..
Anyway, this way worked for us this time.  I filled the screw holes but as you will see from the pictures, I did a horrible job of it and got in too big of a hurry to paint.  I should have let the filler dry more, filled some more and sanded but its not something that bothers me enough to redo...LOL

I then gave everything two coats of primer and 2 coats of my house trim paint. The hardest part of the whole project was attaching them to the house.  The brackets come with those metal doohickeys that you add your screw and then 'slide' the bracket over the screws...well, let me tell you, we have an awful time getting the screws lined up and spaced correctly so the bracket 'lines' up!  For safety and added strength, we drilled holes in the front of the brackets and added another screw.  I can just see them falling off the wall..LOL

Then, a trip to the green house and this is the final results....I wanted to add mums but the greenhouse didn't have any small enough so went with Rudbeckia, ornamental cabbage and pepper plants. 

and my other window box on the garage....not made by us but will be replaced next year as I get tired of trying to find the mats to fit this one.

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  1. Wow these look awesome I love window boxes but Brent said No. There is a house that I pass ever time I go down the road that has them and they put pink impatiens in them every spring by this time of year they cover half the window just gorgeous.

    You and Bill do good work.

  2. I paid 75.00 to have the big one made that sits under my bedroom windows. There are two windows right together, so the box is probably 72 inches in length. Unfortunately, the only people that see the flowers in it are me and Bill because my Japanese maple hides them from view.

    Thanks for the kudos. I plan on planting wave petunia's in mine next Spring. They will get all day sun, so no impatiens.

    That's what I love about Bill...if Mary wants it, Mary gets it...LOL

  3. Most of the time I get what I want to but no window boxes and I can understand with a brick house it would be hard.



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