September 16, 2012

Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Here you go....finally got around to putting these up on the blog.  I ended up doing 7 drawers and I stayed under 30.00 for the total job.  Much cheaper then those danged ole dividers they sell that do not fit the drawers!  I did not stained my boards...I can always do it later if I begin to feel like it needs to be.  Bill and I made them so that we can take them in and out for cleaning, so I could always rub some stain on them at another time.
We bought trim boards from Lowes...they sell Poplar and Oak in different lengths and widths.  We bought the 2 inch widths and 4 feet lengths.  All except for the big kitchen gadget drawer and we bought 4 inch width for it. We started out gluing them with the Gorilla Glue but we didn't have enough clamps to hold them all together while it dried so Bill started shooting them with small brads with our air nailer.
I didn't get images of all the drawers before I started but you can get the idea by the couple I did take.

This first image is after cutting, assembly and gluing...this one I did all by myself because I decided I wanted another drawer done and Bill was at work.  So, its only glued and we are leaving it that way to see how good the glue is.  I can't run the air nailer cause I can not control it...LOL...shot the wall a couple times!

This is the junk tool drawer....I hated those baskets but couldn't find anything else that would work. This is the before....

...and this is the after....much nicer, don't you think?

and this is my silverware drawer....I had these plastic divider boxes that 'fit' together but as you can see, even then they didn't 'fit' the drawer. I have to keep my vitamins in this drawer so I can 'remember' to take them!
This is the before....

This is the after...I like it SO much better now...

And these are the kitchen gadget and knife drawers.  I didn't get a before image of these but trust me, they were horrible....especially the big deep drawer...I had no idea I had some of the stuff that I found in it!  I had 3 melon ballers....why?  Guess I couldn't find one when I needed it...LOL...

That's all for now....I'll be back at the end of the week...leaving for my folks in the morning.  Still have stuff to share but no time to get it house is as clean as it has ever the whole house done except for cleaning the carpets and I'll get it done when I get back home.  AFTER I get the basement cleaned out, that is!

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  1. What great looking drawers you have...LOL...I love these and I'm going to show Brent. I have the same little baskets in some of mine. My silverware is a plastic built-in with a top section that slide and I like it but all the rest could use a make over.

  2. yep, best looking drawers in town...LOL....I really like them now....even without stain. One thing I have noticed....thin stuff slides under the my stamps in my desk drawer and the points of my knives in the silverware drawer. I'm still trying to come up with a way to prevent this....keep thinking something along the lines of sticky tac...anything that would stick the divider down but not permanently.

    I got home last night, have unpacked, done laundry, mowed the front yard, moved the water sprinkler around and around and around and vacuumed the whole house, swept the craft room and kitchen floors, changed the sheets on the bed and fixed I'm just relaxing!

  3. You'll come up with something.

    You are one heck of a woman!

  4. Mary, I am pinning this too. Good job, they look great....

  5. Thanks, Brenda...I really like them. Now to see if it helps my non-organizational



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