March 29, 2013

Easter Around the House

These two adorable bunnies are on the table in the sun-room. I think they are as cute as can be.
I miss doing scrap pages so I worked up a couple of small little scrap square. The stitching, paper and frame are all made by me. I've be playing around with making my own patterns overlays and fills and find it to be fun. Also used chalkboard backboards that I made.

I've had these tulips around for several year. Think I need to buy a new bunch for next year these are starting to look a little bedraggled. Love this glass vase and the added Easter grass gave a new look.
Made the frames and the washi tape myself.

Hope you have a very Happy Easter.
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  1. Yes, those bunnies are as cute as can be! This is another holiday that I put nothing out for...LOL....might bring home a vase of flowers but that is it. Just seems like I'm a lot busier this time of year with Gavin's birthday parties.

    You did a great job on the layouts...I've missed your shares of those. I think the tulip one is my fav. Great shots! Love the chalk backdrop!

  2. How many parties does Gavin have?


  3. Just the one...I meant it is this time of year when I'm usually busy getting ready for his birthday party..thus, Easter gets pushed to the back burner.



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