March 10, 2013


Our very nice neighbors brought us some fresh strawberries that they got while on a trip to Florida. Love neighbors like that. These are so good that we have just been washing them off and eating as we stand at the sink. I'm a big fruit and vegetable fan so these have really hit the spot.

I followed the tutorial on Whipperberry's site to make this faux slate chalkboard backdrop for my photo. I'm really loving all the chalkboard stuff I'm seeing all over the web.

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  1. I forgot to say that I changed the header to one for Easter but for some reason it is smaller.
    Do understand....It's just a copy of the other one with the chalkboard insert changed. I'll try to figure out what the problem is.

  2. Yes, I commented about the cute Easter bunny tails but didn't notice that it was smaller. I know you will figure it out.
    This is a great photo and you did wonderful on the tutorial...sure wish my neighbors would bring me some strawberries. They have some at Hy-Vee but I'm afraid to try them...figure they will be like cardboard. I picked up some green grapes last Friday and they make your lips pucker! Gavin won't eat them...LOL....and grapes are his favorite thing to eat.

    Great shot!

  3. I saw your comment about the tails.......Thanks.



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