October 7, 2013

Anniversary Card for J & R

I made this anniversary card for the kids 9th anniversary.  That doesn't seem possible to me either since it just seems like last summer I was scurrying around trying to get every thing done for their wedding.  Oh, my, I don't understand why life has to go by so fast!

Anyway this was a kit called Misty Blue Beautiful by jopked.  I took it into the Silhouette program and traced the tags and cut them out along with the butterfly.  Then I just added jute and buttons and popped them up on the background.  All the paper is from the kit as well as the brush I used for the background.  Did a bit of sewing on the edge, added some rhinestones and glitter and it was done...took Jerri Ann out for lunch and gave it to her. 

Now, lets see if the blog straightens up...if not I might need to edit out the template as it came from a PDF file and it does have a huge bunch of HTML code behind it...I should have just took it to PS and saved it as a jpg but this was so fast and easy...LOL


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  1. Nice looking anniversary card you really put a lot of time a thought into your cards and it shows.

    The blog still doesn't look right to me.

    1. Thanks! Some days they come real easy and other days I work and work and still don't like what I come up with. I'm working up a birthday card today and its not coming easy!

      I think I fixed the blog....I do believe the PDF image was the culprit....I removed it and just added a jpg image and it all seems to be fine now. I think the PDF file was WAY too big and it added so much HTML that it filled the page. Next time I won't be so lazy and take the image in to PS and re-save as a small jpg...LOL

  2. Yes it looks better that must have been the trouble.



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