October 10, 2013

Catching up.....

Just catching up with a few of my cards and gifts...this still isn't all of them but enough for one post..LOL...

This first one is the anniversary card I made for my lovely folks, who just celebrated their 67th anniversary...my oh my...is that a long time to be with someone or what!  They set such a good example for their kids...all of them followed it but me...LOL....

All of it was cut from files from the Silhouette store and the sentiment was sketched with a white paint pen using the Silhouette.  The ribbon was colored with my markers to kind of match the pearls.  The ribbon was also folded in half as it was wider than I wanted but I didn't have any narrow. I have tons of ribbon but never seems like I have the right color or size when I need it.  I tried adding some shading to my leaves but need to practice that a lot more! 

This next card was made with my brother in mind.  He loves to go Crow hunting...why? I have no idea!

The crow was a clipart file I found on the net and traced. I used a wood grain embossing folder on the brown and then added a bit of distress ink to give it more of a wood look...buttons and twine..pretty simple but so fitting for my older brother!

Next up, an anniversary card for Greg and Kristen...this one just didn't come together like I had in mind but since I procrastinate so bad, it had to do or they wouldn't get one at all.

The birdcage was a cut file as well as the label behind it.  I used the Silhouette to 'stitch' with this time.  Just added lines and told it to print and not cut...much neater than I can do with my pen or the sewing machine for that matter...LOL...

And last, but the best in  my opinion, is a gift I made for my new great niece.  I got this idea from
Erin Lincoln.  I've had it pinned for over 2 years just waiting on someone to have a baby...LOL...since the shower was after Sadie was born, I was able to personalize it quite a bit.

This first image shows the whole ensemble.  I would like to have found a white basket but since I live in no stores, rural Missouri, I can't be too choosey!  I scoured all the stores within a 30 mile radius to find one lone brown basket.  The next image shows the card and tag a bit bigger.

Well, I was going to give credit for the dress file but can't seem to find the designer and there is no credit page in the file with the dress.  Anyway, I bought it from someone and traced it in the Silhouette program and cut it out.  You can't see it in the pic very well, but I cut the bow, trim around the neck and the cuff of the sleeves twice and added it to the front of the dress for dimension.  Then I used my markers to add shading on the dress front.  I really like how that turned out!  Cut a tag from some pattern stock I had on hand and added a circle to the hole.  Oh, forgot, I also made the hanger out of some wire I had.  All the paper is from Daisy & Company.  I added some glitter paper to the clothespin and some buttons and twine.  I made the bags on the sewing machine...yep, I can still sew!  LOL....and cut the designs out on the Silhouette and adhered them with their bonding material.  I had the no sew bonding but when I make this again, I'm going to buy the sewing kind...I want the recipient to be able to wash them.  The next image will show the individual bags.  Each bag held a diaper, wipes, hand sanitizer and a plastic bag for disposal.  Everything for a quick change.  The idea is to be able to just grab a bag when you are just running to the store or on an errand and not going to be gone long but want to have it just in case.  I believe it was quite the hit with the mom!

Well, that's all for now...need to get lots of stuff done today as my friend and I are headed to the city in the morning for a weekend at the craft show!

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  1. Mary there just to much here to comment on everything. It's all wonderful work and very creative.....Love the lace edge on the 1st card and I need to get myself one of those paint pens. The 2nd card....crow hunting????????I don't understand that (and I'm the one from the hillbilly state...LOL) but it's a great birthday card for a man and the crow was just the right touch to add for your brother. The 3rd card the birdcage is so delicate I love it. The last one
    is adorable. Love everything about it. What a clever idea and it makes such a nice gift and you really cut the fabric with your Silhouette. It's nice to know it really works.

    I've been at a friends house all day helping to get ready for a sorority carport sale tomorrow. I'm tired so I'm going to go watch some TV and then to bed. Have to get up early in the morning to work the sale. Have fun at the craft show.

    1. OOPS....could have swone I had replied to this before I left for the city...I know I read it....LOL

      Thanks for all the kudos...once I get the second gift done up, I'll post it to. I still haven't quite got my mind worked around the graphic or what colors I'm going to use. I don't know if its a girl or boy so will have to pick something neutral.

      Yep, he is a crow hunter for sure...him and about 3 other old men do it and they even cook the meat...yuk!

      I'm really enjoying the Silhouette more and more as I learn my way around it. I just placed an order for printable canvas and double sided printable adhesive with some glitter from them. They are running a 30% off special so I'm taking advantage of it!

      We had a fun day in the city at the craft show but it wore me completely out. My friend didn't sleep very good and she was up every two hours to pee.....not good when you are sharing a hotel room....LOL....I might get my sleep caught back up by the weekend!

  2. Cook the meat...YUK is right.

    Glad you had a good time at the craft show.



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