December 9, 2013

From Our Home to Yours....Merry Christmas!

Trust photography does not do my beautiful lights any justice!  I've tried two nights now and still can't get them shot as pretty as they are...I got my love for Christmas lights from my father....I just might have to drag some of his lights out and put some up...he hasn't put any up for a few years now.

Don't forget to scroll down...I posted yesterday too...see you in a week!

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  1. Got my lovely card in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much it's beautiful.

    I love your lights. Wish I had the energy to do something like that.

    1. Thanks, dear friend! I'm glad you liked the card and the was so much fun coming home late Sat. night and seeing them all lit. Mom and dad don't do anything for Christmas any more except put out her nativity tree and no lights. So boring down there...all I did was run back and forth to the hospital and clean house. Had to wrap mom's gifts that she didn't have done and took her Christmas cards to her in the nursing home so she could fill them out. She is doing ok...just afraid she will never do the exercises. She can walk with a walker and I think she will be without that by the end of the week.

      I've still got a bit of shopping to do and haven't wrapped a single gift here yet but hope to get it done by Wed. I want to go back to mom's on Thurs. and Friday just to see how the nursing home is treating her and make sure they are doing the rehab.

      Thanks again!




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