December 31, 2013

The passing of Time....

When did my little man get so big....where did the time did he grow so fast? I'd love to stop time.....just so I can hold him a little bit longer in my arms....I already notice he is getting reluctant to hug in front of his friends and I know that it's just him growing up but I still want him to stay like he is...when he used to grin from ear to ear and come running at me with open arms. I miss those days but love seeing him grow too...I guess I can't have it all but thank the Lord every day that I get to enjoy this little man that calls me granny!
Happy New Year!

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  1. Just saw this post on facebook. You are so right how fast time flies. Gavin is turning into a very handsome young man and if he is anything like you a very nice one also. But it is sad that they don't want our hugs and kisses anymore. My Grands came in on Christmas Eve and came straight to me for hugs and kisses but I could tell the really didn't want the kisses.
    Would you believe that Vickie wrapped up a DMV manual for the twins 15th Birthday on the 22nd. It doesn't seem possible.

    Great pictures and layout Mary.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. At the Christmas program at church, I found him in the hallway to tell him goodbye and his hug was mediocre to say the least but his friends were all there too....he had to come out to my truck to get some stuff and that hug was big and friends around! LOL.....

      No, I can not believe the twins are 15....Amanda will be 15 in May and that blows my mind....




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