January 21, 2014

It's been a long time

It's been so long since my last post I almost forget how.
The snow started falling sometime during the night but thankfully it's so  fine that we only have about 3 inches on the ground for now. Supposed to get more later today. Did the grocery shopping yesterday so now that the driveway and walks are cleaned off we can just stay inside and keep warm.
Brent did the shoveling not me I stayed inside and but dinner on. Just stepped out on the porch to snap these snowy shots.

A snap of a bench on the front porch.

Just a different focus spot.

I have finally gotten over Christmas and the crud that I had. Was sick for a week and then coughed my head off for another week was so sore from coughing it was hard to move.  Have all the Christmas decorations down and most of it is packed away I'm still trying to get it all organized to make it easier next year. I need to spend some time in the basement going through bins and getting rid of the stuff that I don't use anymore. I also have a bin of Halloween stuff that needs to go. I still don't have everything put back the way I had it before I started decorating for the holidays but I will.

Have started back on the 1200 a day just hope I can stick to it. One day at a time is all I can do.

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  1. I am SOOOOOO sorry! I haven't been on here in a week and I missed your post! I love your take on the snow on the bench! You always think 'outside' the box. Me, I think inside and it shows on my shots! I'm so glad to see you back to posting...I've really missed you and it shows as I hadn't even checked the blog in a week....was always disappointed when nothing was there.
    I'm back on my 1200 calories as of today...I weighed in this am and have gained 4 pounds back. Guess I am going to have to be more dilegent in recording my daily intake instead of just guessing. Plus, my exercise has been sporadic since before Christmas, to say the least. The weather here hasn't helped as the wind blows constantly and I don't handle walking in windy conditions...cold, I'm ok, but not cold and windy! I walked 5 miles on Sat. and Sun. but going to work out with Leslie in a bit today. I do not want to gain my weight back! Our county health challenge started back up this week and I went in to weigh for the maintenance award but lost out to a man that lost 25% of his weight since last years challenge. I came in 3rd with 18% weight loss. Boohoo...I really wanted that $300 dollars...LOL....had dreams of a new printer!
    I want you to sign up for Joanna Lund group on yahoo....we are trying to post a new recipe on each Monday and you can get lots of tips from them too....it is a real small group (only about 6 people) and not really busy so easy to keep up with...here is the link: http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/JoAnnaLundsCommonFolks/?tab=s. If you can't get there from here, I'll send the link in an email.
    I also need to do an organization on my holiday stash....I did go through some of it a couple years ago and sold it in a garage sale but need to whittle it down a bit further.
    Bill and I worked hard this week! He took a weeks vacation and we got the kitchen all completed except for the dishwasher. The dishwasher had to be ordered and it hasn't came in yet...I'm hoping for next week! We added beadboard to the backsplash, put down the new plank floor and re-carpeted our bedroom. We used the carpet out of the living room to replace the MORE worn carpet in the bedroom. Bill says he can't even tell he did any work in there...LOL...same carpeting, just in better shape. The kitchen looks super nice and I like my refrigerator except that I can't get as much in it and I hate not having lots of door shelves AND...because the doors are 2 inches taller than the frig box is, I can't open my top cabinet doors without opening the doors on the frig...ugh....never even thought about that! The refrigerator fit my cabinet hole just perfect but because of the way they designed the doors and because my above refrigerator cabinet was built out to the edge of my old refrigerator, I can't open the doors...now I have two problems...I've never been able to pull out one drawer without opening the oven door...LOL...its a night mare in my house!
    Now we are down to one last project and that is Bill's bathroom. I want to get it done this winter but not ready to have a mess again yet. I hate being messed up and its all back to nice and clean, so I'm hesitate to start on it yet. Maybe by the middle or end of Feb. I will be ready. We are going to replace the shower and vanity and tile the floor. I'd love to tile the walls too but not sure I can handle all that. Plus, Bill is out of vacation time so we would only be able to work on it on the weekends. I might just see what it would cost me to have the shower put in by a pro and then tackle the floor tile myself. Will see...
    Can you tell I've missed you? I've wrote a book!

    Great shot, my friend, and glad to see you back!

  2. I understand you disappointment that's what happened to me months ago had to bread the habit of checking every day and then the posting habit went away. But I haven't been doing anything interesting enough to post about it.It's been just cold and snow around here. I'm ready for SPRING.
    Our printer died a few weeks ago and Brent found a refurbished Epson WorkForce 845 that he ordered so far I like it.
    The doors on my frig is the same way so I have a harder time getting my Longaberger tray down that I keep on top of the frig good thing I don't use it much. I also have trouble reaching stuff at the back of the top inside self. Wish I was taller.
    The only project I have in mind is a few decorating ideas but nothing major.
    Maybe I'll come up with more to post.

  3. Forgot to say that I'm already a member of that group don't know when I did it. It's been so long since I was on yahoo that I'm going to have to find my way around again. It all looks different.

  4. Good....don't forget to check the files section for recipe titles...if anything looks interesting and I have it, I can send it to you. I've been all day trying to get my bills caught up and my checkbook balanced so I can work on a birthday card and I'm still not done...I keep getting sidetracked (which isn't hard for me to do nowadays!).
    I believe I know how you felt now when I didn't post much either....we both need to do better. At least you have snow to photograph, all I have is brown, cold, windblown yuck! LOL....
    I need to work up a dessert and if I can find some good light I'll get a shot of it...maybe! Almost too late to fix one now!
    Jerri Ann called just before noon and I met her for lunch...ate way too much so won't be eating much tonight! Probably should forgo the dessert!
    I guess there are advantages to being 5'7", at least I can reach the top shelf...LOL...just funny with you!



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