January 28, 2014

A Passing of a Lifetime

On this sunny but cold January morning, my dear sweet mother in law passed away in her sleep. Today she is re-united with the love of her life. I will miss her sweet disposition and kind words but I don't begrudge her the reunion that she has been waiting on for almost 23 years. There is rejoicing in heaven today! Bill and I went to visit her last Friday and I'm so glad we did...she was in good spirits and liked her 'new' home! We had just moved her from one nursing home to the one her daughter is in and they seemed to really like being together. Maybe that was all mom was waiting for...a chance to see her only girl one last time! I think she died in peace and I'm sure she had a smile on her face. Until we meet again, my sweet MIL....
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  1. So sorry to hear this Mary it's always a hard time.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks, Nita....I'm suppose to be digging through pictures but can't get into it yet...maybe in the morning....I think I'm missing her worse then Bill is ....he seems to just be glad she is gone and no longer in the nursing home. I don't think he ever liked that she was there but wasn't much any of us could do about it cause she had to have assistance for everything....she always baked me a birthday cake....yellow cake with chocolate icing. The last few years, it wasn't fit to eat but I just thanked her and kept her pan for a week before I returned it empty....I'm going to miss that cake, edible or not!

  3. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family...my husband's father passed in 1996...almost exactly ten years later his mother had a massive stroke and died a few days later...we felt the same way...she missed her husband of over 50 years immensely...and always apologized for missing him so much, thinking it was something you should get over. We told her it was only natural she would miss the love of her life so much...she was never bitter, knowing he really had gone on to a far better place to be with his heavenly Father...now they're together at last. We still miss them, and I still tear up when I think about how much I miss them...time does make the grief easier, but I don't think I'll ever quit missing them until I get to join them one day...all my love and hugs! Anita

    1. Thanks, Anita....you are so right, we will always miss her, just like we miss my father in law and have for 23 years but we know we will see them again!



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