January 6, 2014

Left overs from the Holidays

Just posting a couple images from the holidays...this first is the blocks I made for Jerri Ann for her mantle.  We had seen the Give Thanks blocks at a Missouri Days craft booth and she liked them but the price was a bit high so I told her I thought I could make them...they were a joint effort...Bill cut the blocks, Dad did the routering on the edge and I added the paint, scrapbook paper and Modge Podge. But, I wanted her to be able to use them during the whole year so I added the Peace & Joy to the backside in her Christmas colors.....she can turn them back around after Christmas is over.  She really liked how they turned out!

This next image is just something I was playing with...the kids bought us this mistletoe and I had it hanging from the door jam.  I 'thought' I could get a good image of it with the bokeh behind it but I had to stand on a step ladder, my tripod wasn't high enough and I am really having trouble with digital noise in all my images lately....it drives me NUTS!  Anyway, this isn't the best but needed to post something and this was the best image I come up with. 


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  1. Sorry I just now saw this post. Haven't felt like being on here more than a few minutes here and there.
    Nice work and so clever to do the backside to. I got that same mistletoe from a friend for Christmas really cute.
    IA'm going to try to get a little work done around here don't know how long I'll last but I need to try.

  2. I'm starting to worry about you...you have been sick way too long! Have you been to the doctor? Is it just the flu or something else going on? I will be glad when you are feeling better and I'm sure you will be gladder!


  3. I'm feeling a good bit better did get some work done yesterday and plan to do more today. I'm not sure if it's a cold or flu and everyone around here has it.The cold part is gone but it leaves you with this terrible cough. I hurt all over from coughing so hard but I got a pretty good nights sleep so that helps.



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