December 12, 2014

A few Christmas shots

I finally got around to taking a few Christmas shots but as you can see it wasn't easy. I either has to much light or not enough and some shots I have to much light on one side and to dark on the other. But since I'm not a professional I guess they are OK.

I have added a few new trees to my collection this year I even found one of the old clear glass ones in an antique store a couple of weeks ago.

I got this beauty last year and love it the picture doesn't it justice it's very sparkly.

The Dashing through the Snow is from Dear Lillie that I had printed and framed. The Drummer boy I cut out with the silhouette machine and stuck it on the plate with double sided tape. Can't decide if I need something on the other plate or not.

This sets in the corner of the kitchen I just love the scrabble words.

Table in the sun room. Putting things in trays keeps things neat if you have to move them.

Another scrabble word.

I'll try getting a few more shots later. Maybe some at night.
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  1. All of it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love those trees and never thought of just doing a display with just trees. I have two of those glass trees from my mom. She gave them to me a couple years ago when she said she was done putting out decorations. My plan was to add them with some bottle trees and silver tinsel trees in with a paper cut out of church's and houses but didn't get the paper cuts out done. I love the tour! I promise to have mine by next week.



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