December 9, 2014

Forgot this!

I really meant to get this posted before Thanksgiving but I'm have lots of memory problems any more...can't remember what I'm doing from one room to the next.  Anyway, here is the be quite honest, I'm not sure it was even appreciated...she took the bag from me and never even looked inside of it.  But, I was grateful for the lovely meal and wanted to show my gratefulness.  I added strips of paper to the bottom and then made the tag to match.  I got 3 gifts made today....if the sun shines tomorrow, maybe I can get a shot of them....but don't hold your breath...LOL
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  1. It's a beautiful bag and as I said before I love the word art. That's the trouble with made gifts people don't realize how much time and thought goes into making them. Nice work Mary.

    1. Grrrrrrr.....I'm beginning to Hate this blogger! I just finished typing up a reply and it went into outer space! I have so little spare time now and then blogger pulls this on me! Dang em!

      Anyway...thanks for the kudo's. As expected, it is cloudy here today so I spent the day with camera AND tripod to get shots of the inside decorations. Now I know why I don't shot much any more...takes me forever and a day and then I don't get anything else done. LOL....will try and get them edited before long and posted!

  2. Well my reply to this disappeared too.
    My reply was Why are you so busy but after getting your amazing Christmas card in the mail today I understand. It is absolutely beautiful.
    Where did you get that silver sparkly paper? I want some!

    1. I believe I got it from Joann's Fabric store....they were running a special and had it all marked down 50% or I probably wouldn't have bought it. I think I still gave .70 cents a sheet but I was able to cut out quite a few deers on each sheet. Now I wish I'd bought a lot more as it cut beautifully in the Cameo. You should see my craft room...its a disaster! Maybe I'll get it cleaned up after the holidays! Whew...glad you got the card and hope you did not have to pay extra postage! I was really skeptical when he told me the price for postage as usually my general cards cost at least .91 cents and sometimes 1.12...these only cost .70 and the other three I made went for .49..



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