December 8, 2014

Welcome to my Home!

I've had this wreath and letter for a few years now...bought the wreath ages ago and the letter was bought the last year that I worked. (Can you believe it will be 3 years, in less than 3 weeks, since I retired!).  I had some faded red balls and a Santa face on it and decided it was time to spruce it up for the holidays.  I used spray adhesive on the letter and added glitter to give it a more festive look than just the gray painted metal did.  I then hot glued some new balls, berries and snowflakes to it.  I think I must have at least 3 dozen of those berry to decorate with them.  I'm an old fashioned traditional Christmas my green and red with just a hint of silver and gold. Jerri Ann likes blue and silver and, while I admit its very pretty, its still not Christmas colors to me.  Anyway, the front door is a much more inviting now!...Hopefully, I'll get some shots of the inside and post them before long.  My Christmas cards all went in the mail today and the decorations are complete.  Now to do a few projects for gifts.  

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  1. It's lovely.
    I hope to get some photo taken and posted if we ever get a nice sunny day.

  2. Same here....we haven't seen sunshine in over a week. I can't even get outside lights because the wind blows too much....its suppose to be in the upper 50's this weekend but rain!



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