August 15, 2011

Early Christmas Gift from the Grands

The kids gave me an early Christmas gift.  Kristen and Greg made this flower holder and a dragon fly out of nuts and bolts and an old thread spool.  I'll get a shot of the fly later, not enough time this morning.  I hung this right beside the back door to remind me to add flowers to it as the seasons moves on.  I really like the idea behind this and think it would make easy, great gifts. 

The kids and I had a blast...but I'm worn completely out.  I washed clothes and linens all afternoon and cleaned house.  Now, its back to work. 

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  1. Fantastic early Christmas gift. Love the idea and where you hung it. Can't wait to see the dragon fly.
    Knew you would be busy having a great time with your Grands so I didn't bother to post anything.
    Know go back to work so you can rest.
    Hope you are having the same beautiful weather that we are.

  2. It was a fantastic gift....I really like the idea behind it so that I can put cut flowers as a welcome beside my back door. I thought about the front door but all our friends use the back, so it was hung beside it. Plus, it will be easier for me to see when the flowers need to be changed or the vase filled with water. I'm going to give it a go and try and make one for my woman gift that I take to our family Christmas. I'm thinking crackle paint on the board in a neutral color that will match anyone's home.

    I'm still bone tired from the grand week. We had a huge thunderstorm last night so didn't get much sleep and my body is 'crying' for some! But, we did get some much needed rain. Almost an inch and a half and they say maybe more today. My lawn is totally brown and hope this greens it back up a bit. We have had super nice weather for the past few days but its suppose to warm back up the end of this week.

  3. That would make a wonderful gift.

    We've had plenty of rain this summer and our grass has stayed green without watering it. Have watered the flowers but not the grass.

    Hope it doesn't get to hot for this week-end. It's a busy one coming up.

  4. Hello Mary & Nita,
    Mary while you are making one you could make 2 just as easy! :) Great gift idea. Love seeing all your beautiful pictures you two post.



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