August 5, 2011

Shades of White

Just something I've had in my mind for awhile.  I wanted a taller church but this is the only one I have.  I'm visualizing this with some Queen Anne's Lace but keep forgetting to stop and pick any on my way home from work.  Suppose to rain today....we need some!  But, I'm not holding my breath.  It was suppose to rain yesterday and all it did was sprinkle.

The grands will all be here tomorrow and stay till a week from Sunday.  Amanda is so excited, she emails me every day to let me know how many days her to pieces!  I'm going to love having them, even though it will wear me completely out and I didn't take 2 weeks vacation this year....only the week they are here.  I will be regretting this decision come Monday after they go home.

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  1. Lovely snap. Love that white petunia wish mine looked that good.
    You'll have a good time with your grands and just think next year you won't have to take any vacation weeks.

  2. Thank you! I'm counting the days ready to give up the brown truck. I've got 4 months and 8 days left and out of that amount, I've got three more weeks vacation. Yippeee!

    I just hope we can handle the financial side of my retirement. If it gets too tight, I can always take on something part time. I really, really want to retire but am so afraid we won't have enough money...I do like to buy things...LOL.

  3. LOL.....I have noticed that habit.

  4. LOL....and here I thought I was being secretive about it....rotflmbo



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