August 29, 2011

Zinnia poster

I really liked how this looked with the poster filter added to it but wish I'd shot it without the yellow moss flower.  If I have time later this week, I might give it another try.  I need to remember to buy lots more of these the pink color and they are so easy to grow and don't seem to mind my forgetfulness in watering them daily.
Life is getting strange at hours are changing to 9:30 in the morning so its really late getting off.  I'm not sure I'll make it till Dec. 23...ugh....

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  1. I agree it would be better without the moss flower. It just doesn't have the same depth as the pink one. But I like the poster effect.
    9:30 that's a strange time to start work.

    I hven't been on the here much for the last mo and haven't had the camera out either. Just can't get myself in gear.

  2. I totally agree and I'm going to give this another shot....this weekend, maybe.

  3. This is beautiful. I could onlynwish my draughted out garden looked like this. Such a pretty picture. Great job.

  4. Thanks, was beautiful here clear up until the middle of July and then the extreme heat and dry conditions took their toll. Most of my flower gardens have already been cut back cause they looked so bad. We finally started getting rain again about 2 weeks ago and that has helped green things back up but the flowers are spent. The Zinnia's are still plugging are the Geraniums and the bacopia. I hope the mums give me back some color in my landscape.



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