September 4, 2011

Shadow Play

Hope you are having a great weekend...we are off to help Jerri Ann and Randy put rafters on a barn....

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  1. Nice image.....I like it.

    Pretty quiet week-end. Raining today.

  2. Thanks...we had a work weekend. We worked on the yard on Sat. I lost a lot of grass during the high temps and dry conditions and had to rake and re-seed. Then Sunday, we went up to Jerri Ann's and worked on their new barn. Today was spent raking more and seeding the sprinkles running now. I would have gotten it all done on Sat. but we got rain around 1:00 and it deterred my plans for the afternoon. Ended up running to Chillicothe to Lowes, Westlakes and Wal-Mart.
    Doing laundry now....too much work, not enough time....16 more weeks. Only 13 more work weeks...yippee!!

  3. This is beautiful Mary. I am envious of your photography. I love it as much as stamping. Great job.

  4. LOL...don't be envious of my photography....I think I'm horrible at taking shots. What I have in my mind, never comes out of the camera. But, I do like to shoot and I'm retiring at the end of the year, so I hope to improve that.

    Thanks, Dawn!



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