September 11, 2011

The first sign of Fall....

...for me that is.  I think of Fall when these beauties start gracing our roadways.  Everything is turning bright yellow except for the brown grass...LOL...the only green I'm seeing much of if in my front yard and the sprinkles have been running for a week now.  I have grass up about 1/2 an inch but its not very thick yet.

I picked these on the way home from Chillicothe yesterday morning but they don't really like being in a vase of water...guess they prefer the dry soil conditions.

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  1. Wild yellow sunflower. We have two yellow sunflowers blooming right now...this is the larger of the two and has the big brown center. The smaller flower has only a small center and its not as showy but its more prolific then the bigger one. The bigger sunflower grows on one huge stalk and will have a dozen or more blooms on the one plant. The smaller grows on lots of stems. Am I making sense? LOL
    Most farmers around here spray to kill the sunflowers to keep them out of their crop fields but they still come up along the edges and are really pretty right now.
    A couple years ago...we had a ton of rain in the were having trouble getting their corn in the ground and were having to forgo the weed spray...the following Fall, I was making a deliver to a man on my route that I like to tease and visa versa...LOL
    and I ask him which he was growing...sunflowers or corn....rotflmbo...

  2. Thought maybe that's what it was but wasn't sure. I noticed several different kind of yellow flowers along the road today but didn't take time to stop and check them out.



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