September 11, 2011

Here are some more....LOL....just can't help myself!

I haven't snapped this many shots in a long, long time but I've been reading a photography book and it inspired me to go outside and give the camera a lesson or two...not that it or I learned a dang thing but I did get some shots to post.

This shot is of the wagon that sits in front of my privacy fence and then the hanging basket below this shot is hanging from the top of the fence.  I have 5 baskets with these million bells but only a couple of them are doing this good.  They don't get quite enough sunlight to get them to bloom as well as they should.  But, I love the fiesta color of them. 

and then this is a shot of the wagon at the front step with the red petunias.  I won't be planting red ones next year...they fade too much in the sun....will stick to the red geraniums and bacopia.

Speaking of has done absolutely awesome this year! I've got it planted in the front big planter box and then in my hanging baskets off the porch and in the bicycle. It has bloomed non-stop all summer, only requiring daily wilts real fast when it gets dry!  I did have three of these baskets hanging off the porch but the wind took one of them down and I didn't put it back up....just tore the plants up too much to savage. 

And then....just had to show you the difference in our flower seasons....just a week or two behind you but it fascinates me when you send a shot of a flower in bloom and I don't have any yet....always have to go outside to check it out...LOL is a shot of my mums....

Ok...last shot, I promise!  Hope I haven't bored you to death!   LOL....took this while walking this afternoon....have always loved the thistle when it's in bloom....a sticky weed with a lovely colored bloom.  God does plant a beautiful garden.

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  1. Wow....I don't think I have ever seen you post so much. But sorry to say my interest is still way down.
    These are all lovely shots Mary and you do have a lovely yard to shoot in. You can tell you take such good care of all your plants. Love the fiesta color million bells. I didn't get any this year.
    Glad to see you start shooting again.

  2. That's why this blog works so good with both of least we don't lose interest at the same time. It's coming up my favorite season of the year, so I'm happy to shoot!


  3. He sure does plant a beautiful garden. I so wish our soil here was conducive to any type of flower. You have really inspired me with your pictures Mary. I just love gardening but have to learn how to plant things in the red soil of the south. Gorgeous work.

  4. Oh, my, Dawn...I'd be heartbroken if I didn't have good, rich soil to plant in. I can spend hours in the gardens either working or shooting. I'm counting the days till retirement so I can spend even more time there.



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