September 11, 2011

Just a few shots from today...

....I've never grown this type of begonia but had lost one early in the season and wanted one that could handle sun during the late afternoon and the nursery said this was the best landscape begonia in the breed. I about lost it right off the bat....was fertilizing with Miracle Grow and just sprayed it on the leaves...learned the hard way that you can't do that to a the leaves brown but all I did was pick off the brown ones and a month later, it now looks like this. I plan on getting another one for this pot next year.

This is one of my beautiful fall dahlia's.  I grew these last year but they haven't put on the show that they did then.  They have grown ok...lost a couple but then that's not unusual for me, but they haven't put out the blooms like they did last year.  I'm hoping its just a bit too early and they will come around when it cools down more. Last year I grew yellow with red tips and solid reds.  This year I thought that was what I bought but I ended up with the solid reds but the yellow ones are more orange/yellow mix and not nearly as pretty of a bloom. 

And then there was this hungry fellow....couldn't get him to pose for me...just kept his butt in my face.

And this is just a shot of the vase full of the sunflowers....they looked good this morning but are drooping this afternoon.  They just don't like the water, I guess...

That's all for today....maybe a few more tomorrow.

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  1. These are fabulous. Makes me homesick for IL. We just can't grow pretty things here in NC. I love the begonias. So you can't spray their leaves with water? Is that what you are saying. I never knew that. I know geraniums don't like wet leaves either. TFS

  2. Thanks, to sleeping and eating, growing flowers are my favorite things to do...LOL. I've always wanted to live in a state where you could grow flowers year round. We visited Louisiana during Sept. one year and they were just then planting annuals. Made me sad to go home cause I knew our plant season was coming to an end. I hate the brown landscape of winter.
    I never even gave it a thought when I was spraying the fertilizer....its how I do all my plants, they absorb the fertilizer through their leaves but the begonia leaves burnt instead. But, it recovered nicely and now I know to give the fertilizer to it through the roots. LOL
    The Dalia's are coming around nicely now...are covered with buds so I will have lots of blooms shortly. I love the big splash of red color that they give my landscape.
    I never realized that geraniums didn't like wet leaves....must be why I don't grow them too well...LOL...always have yellow, brown leaves on them.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog...



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