October 24, 2011

Covered Bridges

Brent & I took a Sunday afternoon drive to grab some snaps of Covered Bridges in Ohio.
I wish the fall color had been better but with all the rain and wind we've been having the leaves are almost gone. It hasn't been a very pretty fall this year, but at least we had enough sunshine to get out and snap a few shots.
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  1. I'm going to have to plan some trips.....never have seen a covered bridge except in pictures. Thanks for sharing these with me. Our Fall hasn't been pretty either but its not been from too much rain....LOL.....we are now sitting at 7 inches BELOW normal. Everything is brown and crunchy.

    Nice shots!

  2. It's raining right now and we had a nice storm yesterday. I know it rained on Mon. because we had to take Zach for his football game and it was still wet. I really don't think it has missed many days for the last month. I'm a little tired of it.

    Glad you like the bridges. These are all within an hours drive from me.

  3. Did some checking and finally found the amount of rain we've had........Aug. 4" Sept. 6.25"
    and so far for Oct. 4.63" and I'm tired of seeing it but everyting is nice and green. One bad thing....Brent is still mowing the grass and the leaves.

  4. I'd give anything to see something green...all my shrubs, plants and trees are dried up. The only green is the front yard that I keep watered once a week. This is one of the first Fall's that farmers have gotten all the crops out and never made a tiny rut in their fields. Our ponds are going dry and that's not a good thing, going into the winter season. They are giving us a 50% chance this coming Wed. Thurs...we will see...we've had these chances for the past month, every week...they just don't materialize. Either they go way north of us or way south. All we get is a sprinkle on the road. Keeping my fingers crossed for this time.



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