October 18, 2011

Happy Jack

Grabbed this quick snap out back yesterday evening when the wind died down a little. It's been so windy here that it's been hard to get any nice fall shots or keep the leaves cleaned up.

I've had this happy jack for many years and I still love it. Such a happy face.
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  1. Yep....it is a happy face! I can see why you like it. We are super cool here with gale force winds. I've got my winter coat on to work in...LOL....knew this would happen...go from shorts to insulated underwear in a weeks time. That's Missouri for you!

    Nice shot!

  2. We've had the gale force winds and it's been cool enough for the finance to kick on a few times. But I'm still wearing capris and sandals. Maybe I'n pushing the season just a little but not ready for winter clothes yet.

    We put a new stove in the sun room last week. The old one was looking pretty nasty. We've had a couple small fires in it in the evening,have to go slow and break it in.

    Have a ton to do today......Talk later.



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