June 9, 2012

Key Lime Pie

Taking the day off to just play around. I've had a busy week and it is the week-end....Right....That means it's time to play. Made this pie this morning for Brent & I to have for dinner this evening and I have been wanting to work on my food photography. So I had a Key Lime Pie photo shoot........What better to shoot than something good to eat. Will, maybe the Grands but they aren't here.

                                                           Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie

1 small Sugar Free Lime Jello
2 containers Key Lime Pie Yogurt lite
1 container Fat Free Cool Whip
¼ cup boiling water 
1 Reduced Fat Graham Cracker crust

Mix Jello with boiling water until dissolved. With a whisk mix in the 2 containers of yogurt. With a spoon fold in the cool whip. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate at least 2 hours if not overnight. Makes 8 serving

According to my calculations it's 4 points plus for 1 serving.

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  1. I've been so slack on communicating with you as of late...how is the weight lose going? Have you still got it off?
    I have to admit, I've never tasted Key Lime pie.....might have to give this recipe a try and see if I'd like it.
    Don't laugh....while I was at mom's, we tried a new Coconut Pie recipe. You cook it in the microwave and we didn't use a big enough bowl, so it was starting to boil over so we cut the cooking time down by a couple minutes and then I was making the meringue for the top and completely forgot to add the sugar. I never was good at meringue so it looked horrible. I just sprinkled some sugar on top and believe it or not...mom and I had that pie ate in a day! It was SOOO good! I'll give it another try this week and see if I can at least make it pretty...LOL

    You are doing great with the food photography. Me? I still haven't even had my camera out, let alone taken a picture. I hope to get caught up with stuff here at home by the end of the month and maybe I can have some play time. We leave Friday morning for Chicago....won't be home till Monday.

    I like the tablecloth!

  2. Yes you have been slack.....may have to find a new partner.
    I have been off and on a diet for most of my life and I find it really hard to get any weight off. When I was walking 5 miles a day it came off pretty good but when I quit the weight came back. I can't walk that much now so it goes slow. I had around 30 off before Christmas and then I went off the diet and was slowly putting it back on so I had to start again. I was on Adkins before and it is so hard but does good so this time I'm on Weight Watchers and it's going slow but it's coming off I just need to keep trying.

    I see some amazing food shots on the web so I wanted to try making my look better. Glad you like the shot

    It's not a tablecloth it's a round place mat I have a long runner and 2 place mats that I use on the table in the sunroom.

    Make your pie again and snap a few shoots. It sounds good anything with coconut in it would be good.



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