June 19, 2012


Finally found time yesterday to finish up the painting on the mailbox.  I had done the chimney and base coat last week but didn't have time to finish the rest of it before we left for Chicago.  We had to wait on the mailman to deliver on Monday and then Bill took it off the post and I finished painting it in the cool AC  in the house.  I like how it turned out. Now, all I lack painting is the new shop...will probably get it done this Fall when cools down a bunch.

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  1. This is cute....Did Bill make it?

  2. Thanks but no, Bill did not make it. Or should I say he didn't make the original. We had gone to Branson when we were first married and I saw these mailboxes that looked like houses at one of the stores. But, they wanted over 100.00 for it back then and that was way over my budget. I mentioned it to my Dad one time and lo and behold, I got one the following Christmas. So, its at least 25 years old. The original was plain white with the windows, doors and such glued on. Meaning they were little cut outs that dad had made and painted and then glued on. It also had ducks and such. Cute...anyway, years of setting outside and it started falling apart. A door, a window, a duck, every time we went to the mailbox, another piece had fell off. Eventually, the plywood started coming apart and the shingles kept falling off. So...Bill and I took it down and took it apart and re-made it. We cut lots of little shingles from some we had left from the house and glued them on and then I painted it to match the house. I think I've shared a picture of it before when I sent a pic of my flowers down there. Anyway, the other day, I noticed that the chimney was falling apart and we took it off and made a new one and since I had to repaint it, I decided to do the whole mailbox to match the new color of the house. I've looked in my old fashion photos but can't find a shot of the original mailbox. If I come across one, I'll share it.

  3. It nice that you still have and use something that your Dad made even if you have just about made it over.



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