June 18, 2012

Out of the garden

Got this out of the garden this evening. Will have for dinner tomorrow evening. Mmm Mmm Good!

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  1. Ok, I can tell you guys plant more than I ever would...I'm guessing this is cauliflower?

  2. Well, duh....IF I'd read the caption on the photo, I'd known it was broccoli....lol

  3. Got a good laugh out of that.

  4. Glad I could give you a chuckle.....I've been busy outside all day today. I left at 6:30 to go for my walk and just now (4:00) came back inside. I just kept moving from one project to another and never finished any of them except for the fertilizer on my flowers and the watering. I took our name off the mailbox and spray painted them with primer and now need to spray them black but it will wait till tomorrow. I then decided it was time to cut the Stella de Ora down as it looks pretty pathetic right now with the lack of moisture. It will come back if we start getting some rain but the forecast looks pretty bleak. Then I decided to get the power washer out and power wash the rust off my wagon and give it a good coat of paint before it completely rusts away. The next thing I know I'm cleaning the driveway and the floor of the garage and I didn't even get that all done cause I needed oil in the power washer and we didn't have any and I didn't want to clean up and go get some. But, the wagon is ready for paint...just need to tape off the wheels and get some more primer. So...it will get finished another day...lol...then it was time to come in and get some coconut oil on my hair and I'm letting it 'sit' right now for an hour and then I'm going to take my shower and go to a ballgame again. It's a good thing I have delayed start on the oven as I put a roast in this am and it is cooking now. If I hadn't done the delayed start, we would be having peanut butter sandwiches....lol.... Smells delicious!

  5. A roast sounds good. We had salad,fish,steamed broccoli,cucumber & onions and cantaloupe for dessert.
    What's the coconut oil on the hair for?
    Brent's Dad likes to cook with coconut oil but I've never tried it myself.
    Have fun at the ball game.

  6. We had fish last night but it was too fishy to suit me....it was talapia and I usually really like this fish but not this time. I bought a whole bag of it too...ugh....

    The cocoanut oil is to replenish my dry hair and keep it from falling out. It works real good if I remember to do it a couple times a week.

    Headed out the door now...



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