June 9, 2012


Some mint that I snipped out of the flower garden. I like to put a sprig in my ice tea. I cut my basil back a few days ago and it keeps a long time in a glass of water sitting on the kitchen counter and smells good too.
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  1. I have never grown any herbs....have never grown any vegetables except tomatoes in a pot on the deck. I had told Bill that I was going to put out a small garden this year but mom and dad changed that plan. I could have got one worked up when I got home but since its not rained any since then, it would have just dried up. Maybe next year.

    I like the tag you made for the jar. Great shot! I think I can smell the mint clear over here.

  2. I have basil,mint,thyme,rosemary,oregano and cilantro planted but I don't use all of them just like to see them grow. In the garden we have bean,onions,tomatoes,broccoli,cucumbers, peppers, squash and we eat all of that. Can't wait to walk out to the garden and pick dinner.

    I hand printed the tag but the picture made it look wash out so I in PS I took the letter off and used a font.



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