October 11, 2012

Birthday Card for Older Man

This isn't the loveliest card but quite fitting for a 65 year old man.  My BIL turns 65 today (yep, I'm hand delivering this one) and has signed up for SS and Medicare.  He loves Margarita's and this came to me on my walk yesterday morning.  I found the Margarita cut file on the Silhouette site.  I still have trouble visualizing the finished product on these cut files and have a terrible time picking papers.  All of it is paper I printed off from various kits I have. And yes, I smudged the glitter glue when I was taking a picture of it and didn't even notice till I was uploading the image.  It's too late to do a redo, so he will be getting it as is.  I need to learn patience and let things dry! I thought about using Crystal Lacquer on the glass but have ran out of time.
The inside of the card reads, "Makes you want to order the Monster Margarita, doesn't it?  Happy Birthday."  Our local Mexican restaurant has small, medium and monster sizes.  

I still have 2 more cards to make before the weekend....

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  1. This is a cute one. Nice work.

  2. Thank you...I hope he saw the humor in it!

  3. Hee Hee....saw Bob last night, he told me my time was coming! But, he says in 10 years I'll know what it feels like and he'll get me back....I didn't tell him that its only 6 years away. LOL

    But, he did say he took my advice and ordered the Monster Margarita...LOL



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