October 10, 2012

Chick Birthday Card

I can't believe that Darby is 15 today!  It seems like only yesterday she was lying on our living room floor, encased in a snowsuit that rendered her completely motionlessness.  I got this card from my Pinterest Greeting card board.  This is the original card...Lucy Abrams and it was so adorable that I had to recreate it.  I don't like copying cards but knew I loved this one so much, I had to attempt it.  Darby is a pink girl, through and through.  She is a tomboy with pink roots and this little pink chick just fits her.  But, since I'm  not a stamper and own next to no stamps, I had to recreate it with a pencil.  I drew the musical notes in PS and then did a copy/paste to fill the background and then drew the chick with pencil and paper and scanned it it.  I then printed the base card with the outline of the chick on Kraft stock and then printed the chick two more times on the pink paper that I printed off from Pink Petticoat. It was all layered on Sweet Bohemian paper that I printed again from Pink Petticoat and then layered onto some Classic Linen Cover Stock from Neenah. The ribbon was picked up from Micheal's last weekend off their clearance rack.  I've yet to figure out my sewing machine and using it on cards so had to break out the white gel pen again. I think I need heavier thread when I sew on the paper and a smaller needle.  I'll figure it out someday! 

I had a blast at the CK Scrapbook convention this past weekend.  I took a class on coloring with markers and am now the owner of a basic set of Spectrum Noir markers.  They are a cheaper version of the Copic markers and only come in 168 colors but they are as nice as the Copics.  The basic set only has 72 markers so I will slowly add the other colors as I get better at coloring or see I need them.  I'm a long way from being good at it.  I picked up some good buys on paper and embellishments and did a few make and takes to learn a few more techniques, like making flowers, coloring, using glitters, etc.  I can see right now that I need to get a craft budget started so my billfold will be prepared for next year.  

I've got a ton of cards to make this week, so need to get busy! My folks were here all last week and then with the convention, I got way behind.  It took me all day yesterday to make this card, I'm so SLOW.....


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  1. It's a awesome card and Darby will love it.
    You did good drawing with that pencil.

    That was so nice to have your parents visit you I bet you had a wonderful time.

    I wondered what had happened to you last week.

  2. Thank you! I still haven't given it to her...will wait till Sat. or Sunday, depending on what day the funeral is for her granddad.

    Yes, I had a good time with the folks but it was a bit draining. I can absolutely never cook good enough for mom and she lets me know about it all the time. Her and dad don't get around very good so my house is a bit of a challenge for them too. I have steps to everything! My bathrooms aren't handicap accessible, of which dad informed me to make those changes when I redo the bathroom this winter....LOL....he says he's thinking of us as we age but I'm thinking he's thinking more of himself, just in case he moves in down the road..ugh! They both have a bit of a problem controlling their daily functions....let's just say I'll be buying a new sheet and leave it at that...LOL.

    Just finished up another card...posting it now.



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