October 19, 2012

I've whipped out a few cards this week!

I am now ready to get started on some Halloween items.  I had quite a few birthdays and one anniversary to make cards for, so the Halloween got put on the back burner. LOL

This first card is for friends of ours 50th anniversary...wow, that makes me feel so old when our friends are celebrating 50's...I had one heck of a time with this one.  I changed my idea so many times that I finally just cased a card that I liked.  It took me a day and a half to complete this.  Course, since I don't have any stamps and next to no dies, I have to create everything.  
This is the original card...Dawn McVey .
Her colors are much prettier than mine.  I had to print out the plain paper from a color swatch by Pink Petticoat and then designed my banner cut in Silhouette Design Studio. Since the fonts I used were on the desktop and I didn't have SDS installed on it, I couldn't do a print and cut and had to revert back to the way I used to do them on the Cricut...cut a template and then lay my printed piece behind the template and cut again.  Whew...print and cut is SO much easier...LOL
I had the flowered piece in my stash from a kit called Sparkling Spring.  Then I cut the flower petals on the Silhouette.  Finding a font was really tough....that took me the longest and if I remember correctly, the main font was called Respective and I used a flourish from the same font at the end of the T.  The plain text font is called Candara.  The flourish at the bottom is by Katie Pertiet called On the Edge. 

And, again, I used the white gel pen for stitching.  The ribbon and red pearls are from Wal-Mart.  I designed the back of the flower in SDS and you will see it better in the next image.  I'll share the file if you don't mind that its not perfect....I still have a long ways to go before I can get it all symmetrical. 

Ok, this next card was for my baby sister...and it shows the flower that I designed as I designed it...all the same.  I just used it a bit differently above. 

The stripe paper is from The Paper Loft called Easy Breezy. The polka dot is from My Minds Eye called Bloom & Grow and the yellow is from Teresa Collins, Sweet Afternoon.  I got some really good deals at the convention.  The scalloped border was designed by me in SDS as well as the label thing behind the flower. Buttons are from my Wal-mart stash and twine is from PaperTrey Ink. You see one of the only stamps I owe...it was a freebie from my magazine subscription. And yes, I knows its crooked...lol...now you can see why I don't care for stamping.  
I sent this through the US mail.  I put lots of packing tape on the back of the envelope to protect the flower.  Jennifer sent me a message that it arrived intact and beautiful...whew.  I have plans to design a sturdy box to send then in, just haven't got around to it yet.

Ok, I'd better hurry up or you will be bored to death!  This next card is my favorite...I love the color combo.  I ended up making two of these...one for my aunt and one for my SIL...since my aunt lives in Virginian (not WEST), and my SIL lives here, I don't think they will every know that they got the same card...LOL...

The pink paper is from Teresa Collins, Sweet Afternoon. The green and plaid are from Sparkling Spring.  The flower is one I've had forever (always hate to turn loose of some things) and the ribbon...well, I have no idea....but I know I love it and its almost gone now.  :(  The lace came from Michaels and the pink pearls are from the convention.  Yep, I spent a fair amount of money there but the deals were great!  The labels were cut and embossed with Spellbinder dies and the background was a Darcie embossing folder.  

Sorry, this was so long...you know how I like to chatter with my fingers...LOL

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  1. Sorry I haven't been on much. After taking a few days off to rest my ankle had to get caught up on my work then went to see the twins football game.
    Like that font you used on the anniversary card and those flowers look hard and time consuming.
    I think I like the last birthday card the best, like the pink and green color combo and the imbossing.
    Can tell you have really been busy wondered why I hadn't heard anything after my comment on last post.

  2. Sorry about the last comment...its there now! I've definitely got too many irons in the fire!

    I'm really glad to here the ankle is better...how did you do this on the treadmill? Did you almost fall off? I used to walk a treadmill, years ago, but I'd get too bored. So, we gave it away and I went back to walking outside.

    I agree, I like the pink/green one the best too. On the first one (the one I made for my aunt), I didn't add the lace trim. When I decided to do the second one for my SIL, I added the trim and it really made the card look finished. Makes the other card look pretty plain but I wasn't starting over, so my aunt will get hers like it is.

    The flowers are really super easy to make...just cut on the Silhouette and pop dot together. The hardest part is picking the papers.

    Thanks for the kudo's! I'm off her to get my walk in and then going to start working up some Halloween items.

  3. I wish I could get interested in cards but I'm not. I thought I would be but it just isn't happening. Maybe I should try one and see if that helps.
    Thanks for asking about my ankle. I didn't fall on the treadmill just stepped wrong I should have gotten off and I didn't. I have arthrits in my hands,knees and feet so I hurt off and on but this one hurt more and lasted longer. I just need to be careful and not hurt my bones...LOL But that is why I walk inside and not out.

  4. I can understand completely about walking inside. I have to be super cautious as to where I step...my ankles have been turned and broke too many times. Most folks think I'm stuck up when I walk cause I don't wave. I'm not, just too busy concentrating on my footing...
    It was a nice walk today....70 degrees, light breeze and sunshine. By the end of the week, I'll be walking with a few more layers...suppose to get really cool. Figures...Halloween is coming up and its always crappy weather for it.
    I think my interest has always been cards...even when I got my very first computer, I liked making cards. I came across the 50th Anniversary card I made for the folks (that would be 16 years ago! Wow! where has the time gone?) and it was pretty primitive. She had found this invitation that she liked and I did my best to recreate it. At the time, I thought I did a pretty awesome job...looking back on it now, it was pretty yucky!
    Another reason I like making cards? It gives me something to do....I'm scared to death I'll be like my mom if I don't keep busy....she goes to bed at 7, gets up at 6:30, goes back to bed at 8 till 10, gets up to fix lunch, goes down for a nap at 12:00. In between, you can usually find her asleep in a chair or watching tv. I do not want to be like that!
    She is the main reason I do not turn on the TV in the day time. I might turn on the stereo and listen to music but the TV goes off as soon as Good Morning America goes off at 9:00. It never comes back on until Bill gets home and I'm not sure how we will handle this once he retires....he has the TV ALL the time. We might have to make some rules of retirement! LOL...
    Keep that ankle in good shape!

  5. I've been on my feet to much today because it's hurting again. Just took an Aleve hope it helps. Waiting on a big pot of vetetable soup to get done and my house smells wonderful.
    I can't walk done a slope at all....kills my knees.
    I never turn TV on during the day unless I'm on the treadmill and I don't take naps during the day but I don't get up at the crack of dawn. I like to stay up late. I like the Housewives of... shows and Brent won't watch them so I tape and watch later. I get up around 9:00.
    I do need to find something to do during the day to keep the mind working I don't like running around shopping....Maybe cards are the answer but I don't want all the clutter of supplies around.

  6. Mary these are gorgeous.. I LOVE the way you created the flowers. I really need to step back and not worry so much about coloring an image and just do something different. It takes me hours to color. I am a perfectionist and that doesn't help. I have missed your blog. Sorry for being gone so long. You asked about how I print my digis. I use an inkjet printer that is really old. I print them out and let them "dry" for a day or more. Sometimes this helps and sometimes it doesn't. I have also heard that you can sprinkle your image with embossing powder as soon as it comes out of the printer and then emboss it with a heat tool. That never really works for me. I try really hard to stay away from the lines too much. Especially if I use Copics. It will smear. I tend to really soak my paper to blend. I use Papertrey Ink's white cardstock but have heard that many like the new Copics Express-it. It is very expensive and I am on a budget. lol. Just some suggestions. :)

    1. thank you, Dawn....its fun experimenting with what I have. I'm so glad to see you back blogging again.



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