April 4, 2014

Bunny Banner

Saw a bunny banner some what like this on Pinterest but it was to buy on Etsy. I didn't want to pay for something this simple to make so I started looking around for a bunny silhouette that I liked that was similar. Found another one but didn't like because the ears were different so I just drew my own in Photoshop. After I finally got the pattern loaded into the Silhouette I cut them from some pastel cardstock that I had on hand. Didn't have any white pom-pom's and didn't want to try making any that small so I got out my collection of white pearl buttons and finally found 8 that was almost alike some shinny and some dull but I think they look great. Stung them together with some orange twine.
I haven't crafted anything for a long time and forgot how much fun it is.

If anyone wants the pattern let me know.
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  1. awwww...they are so adorable! You always have the cutest Easter deco...I don't have anything up yet...except my April subway art. I keep looking at the pretty flowers at Hy-Vee but haven't purchased any yet.

    I'm glad you didn't have any cotton balls...the buttons are perfect!! Cute, cute, cute....makes me want to make something too....but NOT today..its 60, full sunshine and no wind...I'm spending the day outside soaking up the vitamin A!

    1. Forgot to add....if you purchase Silhouette Connect, its 'suppose' to make it so anything you create in Corel Draw will be recognized by Silhouette Studio. I purchased it during a sale but haven't tried it out yet cause my Draw program is on the desktop and my SS is on the laptop. I hope it works cause I can draw easier in Draw then in Photoshop.

  2. So cute Nita, I had to make one! I didn't have the big buttons so used the cotton balls.

  3. Glad you like Bren and I'm sure cotton balls are just as cute.



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