April 10, 2014

Sharing a few more cards

As you can see, I had a rash of Sympathy cards to make...I'm going to share 4 of them today...the last three are alike except I changed up the color of the blossoms and pearls.  Nothing much to share about these...I used embossing folders and cut the blossoms on the Cameo.  On the first card, the brush was by Katie Pertiet. I cut the butterfly with the Cameo and then added glitter to it.  I printed the sentiment on the velum and then cut the strip for the front of the card.  Layered it on some new cardstock I found by Bazzill called Bling...it has this linen look with a beautiful sheen to it.  I wish I'd picked up a lot more. The only difference between these two cards is the pearls and the color of the bottom layer.

As you can see...all I did was change up the colors and on the last one, I rounded the corners.  I was going after a frame/matted look for the sentiment..I can't emboss but I can fake it...LOL...I think the purple one is my favorite..if you look closely, you can see the beautiful sheen on the purple sentiment frame. And yes, they are all the same white...LOL...I still can't take pictures and get the exposure correct...

That's all for tonight...I've got a couple more Sympathy cards and then Gavin's birthday card...will share those this weekend.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Just got back from visiting my brother in the hospital and a quick bite to eat at Bob Evans.
    I like all of these but I do think my favorite is also the purple. You need to explain about faking the embossing.
    Have always like Katie Pertiet's brushes she has some amazing one.

    1. Thanks....I also like Katie's brushes..just don't think about using them often enough. I sent the purple one to my friend Maxine when her mother in law died and she commented that she thought it was the best card ever...she is a great fan! LOL...
      I guess my wording was probably a bit off but the only way I can do embossing is what I call a fake look or in normal words, a matted look. Like when you mat a picture in a frame...I know I'm not making sense!
      I'm off to Des Moines, Iowa today to have supper with Gavin and watch him and his friends play at a huge bounce house...that was what he wanted to do for his birthday...Olive Garden and then bounce it off...LOL

  2. Have a good time.
    I still don't understand by embossing are you talking about the area of raised work under the flowers on the last 3 cards or the area with the stacked

    1. Sorry, I was meaning the part with the stacked frames. And I did not have a good time...I got a phone call after I typed up that last reply that my little sister had fallen off some scaffolding and broke her leg and they were not sure they would be saving it when she went into surgery...so...I made a flying trip to KC to the hospital. They did save her leg but she has a long, slow recovery process...they had to 'lance' both sides of the calf of her leg to relieve the pressure that was caused by Compartment Syndrome....meaning the pressure in a compartment or area of blood vessels and nerves is so severe it is cutting off the oxygen and nutrients to that area that will result in muscle tissue, blood vessel and nerves dying...it could have lead to death but the doctor caught it and lanced it open to relieve that pressure. They then put the whole leg in a 'halo' like you see on peoples heads from head trauma so there would be no motion in the leg. Monday they go back in to clean the dead muscles and tissue that might have resulted and then on Thurs. they will go back in and repair the break...then once its healed they will have to go back in and repair the tendons and muscles around the knee break. We are just glad they were able to save the leg and are praying that infection does not get in it! So....Gavin partied without me! I'll drive up there this afternoon to take him his birthday present.

    2. Sorry again...the raised part behind the flowers is easy for me to do...I just use embossing folders but what I like and can't do is the edge around a shape that has a raised edge...I like that look but unless I purchase the dies, I can't emboss those edges. I don't want to start buying dies since I have the Cameo...they are too expensive, in my opinion.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister praying for a fast recovery but it sounds like it will be a long road back.

    I know about and have used some embossing folders so that is why I was confused but I still don't understand what you are meaning show me a card sometime that has what you mean on it.

  4. Beautiful cards as always.

  5. Beautiful cards as always.



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