April 14, 2014

The Last Sympathy Cards (for now....hopefully, I don't need anymore for a long while)

This is the last sympathy cards I made up...I just changed the colors on this one so I could have two cards but not send exactly alike.  The image is a file I bought from JustInklined. The images from here always print up nice and crisp.  I wanted it to look layered up on several layers so I took it into Studio Design and placed it on the top layer of my card...this way I knew how much to extend it out over all the layers so it would print on three layers of my card.  Once I figured out how big to print the image, it then was just a matter of downsizing each layer but leaving the image the same size.  I embossed the sentiment and the border on the top layer after I printed out the image. I then printed out two more layers with the image and started lining them all up and putting them together with foam tape.  This first one has three layers and I used yellow ribbon with black pearls. 

On this second image, I messed up the middle layer and didn't have time to re-do it.  So...I just added two layers instead of three...on this one I used white pearls and teal ribbon.  I like the colors of this one better but I like the three layers of the first card the most. 


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  1. Sorry I'm just checking in been a busy few days and I'm draging.
    I really love the simplicity of these cards the embossing is great and I like both ribbon colors but I like the black pearls the best.I think they give the
    flowers more depth.
    Wonderful work.

    1. I missed this one....LOL...thanks for the kudos!



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