April 2, 2014

March makes way for April

I had all intentions of posting this image around St. Pat's day but life got in the way, as usual!  So...even through it is the 2nd of April, I'm posting it anyway.  I loved this rock pot and there was a sign in the plant that said "Leprechaun Toes" ...its really baby tears but the idea was cute....and the sun shining on it all just called to be photographed. 

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  1. It's adorable I love it. I'm ready for green plants have looked around some but haven't found anything to bring home. I hope to find a fiddle leaf fig this summer to have in the sunroom.
    I put my April word art out yesterday.
    Started on my bunny banner and haven't made very far. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Forgot I love the light in this image. Nice work!

  3. Thanks....picked it up at my local flower shop (inside Hy-Vee...LOL)...its about the only place I buy flowers except for the green house flowers in the Spring. We used to have 3 flower shops in town and are now down to only one and she is way too high, in my opinion. Our little Hy-Vee started putting flowers in pretty vases and such and selling them pretty reasonable. They have orchids right now and I really want one...since I've learned how to keep them watered (just put 3 ice cubes on the top of the soil and allow to melt) I just might pick up one this weekend.

    Yep, that light was just calling to me....

    I just got done downloading the new version of Design Studio and can't wait to play with it...they finally added layers to the program...Yipppeee!
    Going to make the kids a bunny rabbit today!



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