March 12, 2014

Only in Missouri

It was 68 degrees yesterday afternoon...73 the day before and last night we had high winds, rain, sheet and then snow....that is one thing this state is completely certain of...if you don't like our weather, just hang around a bit, it WILL change!  LOL....

So, I was sorting through some pictures and came across this one....figure I had it ready for the blog, but never posted it...if I did, I guess we will just have to re-visit it...LOL...



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  1. Not only in Missouri.....Mon. 63 Tues 70 Wed 58 Today 32. I liked the 70 the best even had the backdoor opened.
    I've never seen this shot......Love it. The flower really pops and that a prefect vase for this set up.

    1. I was going through my picture folder (computer is getting way too full) and this one was already edited, and since you hadn't seen it, I'm guessing I had it ready to upload, either got busy or forgot, and it didn't make it to the blog. Some times, I do this and don't really like the effect...maybe look at it too long...and then I 're-visit' it later and do like it...LOL...I'm really going nuts!
      Thank you, glad you liked!
      I guess that is because we are in the same time zone...what weather we get, you get too...only you get Spring before me...:(



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