March 11, 2014

The Last of the to get creating again!

This is it...the last of the cards I've made to date....I do have a project in the works but it will be a day or two before its completed...

The first two cards used the same papers, just a bit of changing up of the layering.  I'm not sure which I like better...the first or the second one.  I made the first one for my mom and was never completely satisfied with how it was turning out so when I made the second one for Rox, I changed up the papers a bit and really think I like it the best.  Not real, real happy with either of them.  It's funny how sometimes I absolutely love how a card turns out and other times I just can't put my finger on what I don't like and what needs to be changed.

Anyway, I used paper from Sweet Shoppe Designs called Free Spirit. The newsprint paper was in my patterns folder but not sure who the designer was. I download lots of free papers and those get separated from their designers pretty often.  I had purchased these charms by Tim Holtz a while back and the hummingbird was just perfect for this card...Mom loves her hummingbirds!  The flower cluster in the circle is by Katie Pertiet and the birdcage is from the Silhouette Store.  The tiny butterflies came in a kit and luckily, were the perfect size!  I made my card-base out of Rustic Creme from Papertrey Ink and then made the layers to add to the top by resizing the circle cut out on each layer...I wanted a matted picture frame look.  This was harder than you would think...LOL...or for me it was.  The flower cluster and the birdcage (with drop shadow) were printed onto the pink layer of paper, which meant I had to keep it white around the flower cluster and still keep it lined up with each additional circle layer.  As you can see, it worked but it took a few cuts to get it there.  The sentiment tag is one I made for Maxine's birthday tag assortment.  The font is Great Vibes.  A few pink pearls to the bottom and a bit of distress ink to the edges and a pink satin bow. 

On this one I changed the sentiment to be used as a get well or thinking of you type card.  I left the scallop circle off completely but I added cut out circles to the border stripe. This was easily done in SDE by opening the border strip, adding a circle under the first scallop and then doing a copy/paste until I had enough circles for every scallop...then I positioned the first circle directly under the left side scallop and positioned the right circle directly under the right side scallop.  Opened up the alignment tool and selected space horizontally...this put the circles directly under each of the scallops.  I then selected all the circles and did a duplicate below and lined that second set up above the bottom scallops. Selected all the circles and the border strip, right clicked and made compound path...perfect!

Again, I used the same papers from the Free Spirit kit but used a cream layer on the bottom, the green in the middle and the rose pattern on top.  I cut the border strip out of green (used the eye dropper tool to select a green out of the green pattern layer) and then filled the top border layer with a pink stripe out of the kit.  I sewed this on with cream colored thread.  I did not distress any on this card...I wanted to sew the white on the sentiment tag but didn't figure I could follow the design so just added some white fake stitching.  The butterflies were cut out of some glitter cardstock and doubled up with foam dots and added to the birdcage.  The bow is seam binding with a pearl glued to the center and I added a few small pearls around on the floral background.  The Rainbow font is Mardian Demo and the rest is just plain Arial.  

And the last one is from a card I shared before...the bedspread inspiration...I had the background left over.  It didn't emboss as well as I would have liked so I ended up printing out another one and re-embossing but I hated to throw this away.  So...I decided to use it for a thank you card.  I had watched this video on stamping a butterfly onto pattern paper and then cutting it out and I liked the look...just don't have any stamps to do it, I found a butterfly cut file that I liked, gave it a black fill and then did a offset and deleted all the inside stuff. I know this doesn't make sense to you, but when you do an offset to something like this butterfly, it will off set all the 'holes' and around the outside edge.  I only wanted the base of the butterfly, not with all the 'holes', so I erased all the stuff on the inside.  Oh, wow...why can't I say what I did and make sense?  I need to do a pic tutorial so this makes sense.  Anyway, I filled the offset with purple, grouped both the black filled butterfly and the purple offset and told the program to just cut the outer edge.  I did a print and cut and came up with this butterfly....basically a stamped look on purple card stock...I couldn't find any purple pattern paper that I thought looked good behind the 'fake' stamp.  I then just added some glitter glue and let it dry.  Popped it up on the background, added a pretty purple ribbon and a Thank you tag.  I rounded the corners, layered it on black and then on the card base.  I love the black/gray white with the splash of color. Oh, yeah, notice that font?  I really like that Mrs. Blackfort!

That's all for now!  

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  1. I like both of the first 2 cards. Something on the first one I like better than the second and some on the second I like better than the first. But looking back and forth several times I like the first one the best.
    I understand about the offset have played around some with the silhouette but haven't used in since Christmas.
    I like the simplicity of the third card and the butterfly is gorgeous and you know I like the font. Nice work.

    1. Thanks...I need to get some cards made up for my stash...just to have on hand for when I'm too busy to make any, especially sympathy cards..I thought I'd work on my project this afternoon but I did not sleep last night and I've not been worth a tinkers dang today! I hate when I do that!



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