March 4, 2014

Very Late 2013 Halloween or Super Early 2014 Halloween!

LOL.....I did make these for the grands this past Halloween but we will just pretend that I'm super organized and already ready for Halloween 2014....LOL...not EVER going to happen.  If I can't procrastinate, I can't wrap my mind around any ideas! Just like my mothers birthday card...I've had it listed on the top of my TO DO list for 2 weeks now...still haven't got it even started and I did so want to get it done in advance...

Anyway, here we go....I'm sure I won't remember where all the stuff came from but will do my best. 

First up is Ghoul Friends and yes, I did spell it incorrectly on the tag....ROTFLMBO.....why do I notice it now?  It's been delivered a long, long time!  That is what I get for using a font that is hard to read.....maybe the recipient didn't notice!  LOL...The font is A Charming Font.

I used some black star patterned paper from My Mind's Eye and then all the banner prints are from Echo Park and I utilized the print n cut feature.  I sewed the banner pieces on with my sewing machine with black thread. The witch's are a download from the Silhouette store and the buttons are from my stash and since I have them from lots of different places, I wouldn't have a clue who manufactured them...LOL...the white background paper is from Papertrey Ink and one of my favorite cardstocks to use...I just love the specks in it.

This was one of my favorite cards, I just really liked how the green contrasted with the black.  I had seen similar cards like this on Pinterest and just had to see if I could recreate them. 

Next up...another Pinterest card I came across...Shari Carrol.  I like how she made the card base with the oval top and went about creating my own card base in wasn't as easy as it looked...LOL..the paper I used was from Echo Park again and the cardstock was just AC cardstock in black. I downloaded the witch, bat, and house from the Silhouette Online store and cut them out of the black paper and then ran the house though an embossing folder to make it look like brick.  The moon is printed on some cream stock and then a double sided adhesive paper is cut again and adhered to the front and then I covered that with glitter.  The fence is another cut file and the BOO is a font that I cut on the Cameo and then added crystal lacquer on to give it dimension and shine.  Buttons to finish it off. 

Card number three....this one went to Jack...I just LOVED that little ghost on the type paper. Too bad I don't remember where the paper came from...I thought it was in my patterns in SDE but I can't find it and I'm thinking now that it was just some paper I had on hand and not digital. The Halloween word art paper is in the pattern folder but unfortunately, I don't have the designer name with it.
I cut the scallop border in SDE.  I drew the ghost and then used a banner tag and used the print n cut feature for both of them.  This was the first time I have used the pen tool in the program and liked how it looked on the ghost.  The font used is Janda Stylish Script and I just broke it apart and added some eyes that I drew for the O's.  Cut a few more shapes and layered it all up...added rhinestones and some colorful buttons.  Too cute!

UPDATE:  I found the paper...its also by My Mind's Eye and it's from the same kit, Mischievous.  Whew....that's how things get done around here...look for something else and then I'll find the first thing I was looking for...LOL wonder I haven't done this till takes so much time!  Of course, if I'd do it as soon as I finished making a card I would have more information and could give better credit.  This next card is my least favorite but I needed something a bit less girly or kiddie for my big man, Gavin.  I cut the spiderweb and the skeleton and just added them to the card along with a fuzzy spider I had in my elements drawer.  Made an October 31 tag, a bit of stitching and glitter spray to the web and called it done.  That skeleton is a bite to cut out....I'm finding out with most of the cut files, they cut great if you cut them large but when you downsize them for a card front, the little delicate parts (like the teeth) are way too small to cut.  I ended up going in and 'resizing' the teeth larger just so you could tell the guy had teeth!  If you remember it, this is the same skeleton that I used last year when I made Gavin's count down to Halloween picture.  He didn't even trick or treat this year...getting too big....if he only knew how hard that is for grandma, he'd trick or treat till he was old and gray...LOL

Are you getting bored?  I've got a couple more to go.  This one was the easiest to is all from a paper kit that I got at the craft fair.  It's My Minds' Eye called Mischievous.  The raggedy Anne was fussy cut by me and then the rest were actual cutouts from the kit...the pumpkins, photo corners, arrow sign (I added the Trick or Treat with a white gel pen) and buttons all came from the kit.  I did cut the Polaroid frame out with the Cameo.  Layered it all up, added some black stitching, some colorful twine and popped up the doll and buttons.  Super easy!


I lied...I've got two more to go....I must have been having fun last Halloween or maybe I actually got around early and had lots more time...LOL...I used a bit more from some Halloween kits I had..the background paper is My Mind's Eye called Blackbird.  The border on top and the tag are from My Mind's Eye called Haunted.  And that type paper came from My Mind's Eye from the Mischievous kit.
I cut the moon out of orange paper this time and covered it with moon dust...something like glitter only really fine.  I cut the crows, tree, and spider web on the Cameo.  Added a banner behind the greeting tag, some black stitching and layered it all up on black cardstock. 

Last one...aren't you glad to see this come to an end?  LOL....its not really the end..just the end of today's shares.  I've still got Valentine stuff to share and a few more cards.   

This one is my absolute favorite...did I say that already?  Oh heck..I just liked them all!  I think Halloween is a fun time to make things...I love the colors!  

Again, I used that word art paper that I can't find the designer for.  I teamed it up with some lime green and the combination is just too cute!  The monster is by Samantha Walker and I purchased it off the Silhouette Online Store
It was easy to cut out and assemble but I just HAD to add the wiggly eyes...they just seemed to fit the image!  Cut a layered tag and then some a border with pinked edges and a white border that I ran through a chicken wire embossing folder.  Layered onto black AC cardstock.  Cute, Cute Cute...

Well, that's all folks!  Until next time!


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  1. Wow....I like them all some more than others but all are as cute as can be.
    Had my eyes checked this morning and I still can't see so I'll take another look later.

    1. Glad you like....hope its nothing serious about the eyes. I have a baby cataract..or so my eye doctor says...sure hope it doesn't develop it to something larger.
      I'm going to post the rest of my cards today...just so I can say I'm finally caught up!

  2. Had the eyes dilated and it takes forever to wear off. They did start me on eye drops for glaucoma and it's the same drops they take to grow thicker and longer eyelashes which I don't need.
    The cards are great Love that Raggedy Ann and skeleton. That green monster is the cutest and the word art paper is perfect for these cards.
    I do get a little confused on what you are doing but that only because I haven't done any of it.
    Great work.

  3. I will never make a tutorial writer...I forget steps, put them in the wrong place or just completely forget how I put them together in the first place. So far, the skeleton has gotten the most pins and it was my least favorite...go figure! LOL

    Thanks for the kudo's and hope your eyes are much better. Mine are at the moment...Bill and I both got new glasses in January.



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