March 6, 2014

Cards, cards and more Cards!

This first card I made for the little man's best friend...he is also the sweetest kid I think I know. Whenever Gavin comes here, Ethan usually comes a day or two too....he loves to cook, so we usually get one meal out of him...he remembered my birthday, so I had to make him a special card.

The background paper is by Yellow Lemon and the kit is called Number 1...appropriate, don't you think?  LOL

I got the frame, scallop circle, star and banner from the Silhouette Store and just added some digital paper files and cut them out.  On the number 13, I added Glossy Accents and red glitter.  He thought it was way cool and sent me a Thank you text.  

This next one was a birthday card for a longtime friend...The kit is by Erica Zane called BeachyKeen and I've used it before...I love the soft color combination.  The butterflies are a cut file and I just used the Print n Cut feature of SDE.  I added a scallop edge to two different colors of border and then made a butterfly cutout, layered them both together and then cut a double cut of the three butterflies out of different pattern paper and layered them on top of each other and then used pop dots to put them inside the cutout.  Added some pearls along the edge for interest and some colored rhinestones and twine.  
I absolutely love the Print n Cut feature of this program...saves on tons of ink!
The font is SplendidOrnamenty.

Moving on.....this next card was made for a dear, dear that I've known since our kids were little!  I had got this magazine (can't even remember what it is called) and they had this bedspread layout.  I wish I still had the magazine so I could show you how I came up with this card but I don't.  The bedspread was sewn in columns...does that make sense?  Like you can see in my card...the embossing on the background..and then it had the flowers printed in black/gray with a few colored butterflies sprinkled off and on over the spread..I just loved the look and thought it would make a neat card.  Again, I used SDE with the Print n cut feature....the beautiful frame was a freebie SVG file I got a long, long time ago.....when I got my first Cricut.   I used some flower brushes and music sheets to design my background and then printed it off and ran it through my column embossing folder but it doesn't show up very good in this image.  It's layered on black cardstock and then added to the front of some apricot card stock. Added some twine, pearls to the butterflies and some wording art.  Added an envelope liner to finish it all off.

This is the beginning of the Valentine projects.  These were made for the grands up north...nothing too fancy or too big as postage is getting too high....I just made some boxes I bought from the Silhouette Store, used the print n Cut to fill the shapes and cut them all out.  The paper used was Sweet Valentine by Sassy Designs.  I also used cut files from Miss Kate Kutables.  It takes me forever to get my papers chosen and then figure out how to layer these up...the monster drove me nuts before I figured it out...LOL....added some ribbon, twine and sentiment tags. Sorry the picture isn't the best...I was really running late with these and had to take a picture quick and didn't realize I should have changed my aperture until after they were shipped north. I filled them with treats and money....

And these were made for Gavin, Darby and Tracer...they were hand delivered so I could go a bit larger on projects...LOL...the files are all by the extremely talented Mary from SVG cuts....her cut files are so perfect...unless I just really screw up with my alignment the projects come out perfect.  Darby and Tracer still talk about their boots!  I know Darby is getting too big for this kind of stuff but I make them anyway...figure she can throw them out if she wants too. 
The paper for Darby's boot is Giddy Up by Carta Bella, designed by Samantha Walker.  Tracers boot?  I have no idea....I'm thinking it was paper I had in my stash...or some I'd printed off a long time ago?  The blue is AC Cardstock...I do know that.  If I come across it, I'll update the post.  The guitar was made for was so cute!  I can see me doing this with the grands this summer.  The top of the guitar comes off and its a box...filled with Snickers and a small amount of money.  I just used brown AC cardstock for all of it except for the sound board panel and it was made using some more pattern paper that I can't find at the moment....update when I do.  This is the biggest reason I need to add notes!  I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone 6 months later!  I also used some glitter cardstock that I had for the ring....just to give it a bit of a Valentine look but not enough that he couldn't display it all year.  I'm sure him and Dad fought over the candy!

This is just another shot of the guitar....I liked this prospective!

Moving on to the last of the Valentine stuff...a very simple card for a friend....some white cardstock, a white swirl cutout and a red heart with a bit of glitter...simple, simple, simple!

I'm going to call it quits for today...I'll post the rest tomorrow!


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  1. I really admire your work it is excellent. To be able to look at a magazine and come up with a card design is truly amazing. You don't ever need to ask me to design something for you. I'll just say no do it yourself.......LOL
    This is what I honestly think of each card.
    1. Not crazy about it to much going and red is not my favorite color.
    2.Love it the color comb is perfect Just gorgeous and love the texture of the paper.
    3.Again just gorgeous love it.
    4.Gift boxes as cute as can be.
    5.I don't know what to say about these I can't believe you made them. Absolutely amazing.I would love to see these in person.
    The textures and details just amazing.
    6. I like the simplicity of it and love the swirl cut.
    I made an other comment on you last group of cards after I could see better.

    1. Thank you...coming from you, I always take that with super excitement...I've always admired all your creations and talent. The first one was a bit busy but its so hard for me to come up with masculine cards, let alone masculine 13 year olds. He thought it was awesome, so guess it wasn't too bad. That texture comes with the AC cardstock...some folks don't like that texture but I do. I love those colors also....and yes, I wish you could have seen the boots and guitar in person...Darby's words, "I thought it was going to be light and flimsy, it shocked me to realize how substantial they were!" I hoped they could use them for pencil holders or some such after the holidays were over.



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