March 7, 2014

Almost done....

with the last of the cards....except I just finished up three this week and still need to photograph them.  I'll post those another day! 

This first card was done for my son-in-law...I cased this card almost exactly!  Too bad I can't find the image again so I can post a link...but I will come across it some day and update...anyway, she had used stamps to make her, I don't own any so I had to do it on the computer and my software of choice was Silhouette Designer this program!  I first set up my card base and the layer to go on top and chose the font, Aharoni. I wanted a nice even font and this one worked perfectly.  I first typed my first line, adjusted the spacing and then just did a copy/paste for the next 4 lines.  I chose a dark gray for the color and selected no cut in the cut window.  All I wanted was to print this.  I set my paper size to 5 x 7 in the software and my printer program and used AC Gray cardstock and sent it to the printer...I love this feature.  I just trimmed it a bit on all four sides once it had printed so it would measure 4.5 x 6.5 (I like to make my card bases to 4.75 x 6.75).  I then went back to my software and added two stars on top of my font and lined then up with the type.  Then I just selected the three rows of fonts that were 'underneath' the star and did a copy/paste on 'top' of the star.  I selected all three of the copied rolls of text and the star and moved them off to the side of my card layer so I could work with them.  I did a rasterize of the text and the ungrouped them. This way I could give each letter a color fill. I deleted any letters that were 'outside' the star and then colored each letter that was 'inside' the star...turned on my registration marks, set my size to 5 x 7 and sent it to the printer.  Once it printed, I loaded it in the Silhouette and cut the stars ( turn off cut on the colored letters, you only want to print them).  Since I wanted my stars to be 'thicker', I went back and cut 2 more stars for each size and then glued them together to form my 'fake' chipboard element.  I then lined up my stars to match my gray printed font and stuck it down with glue dots.  Finished it all up by layering it on top of my cardbase. 

Now...I just happened to take some images while I was making this next card and decided to include them so you can see how I design the card in the software and then cut them out...sorry, I didn't get a shot as they were coming out of the printer but you understand that part..right?  LOL....just make sure to turn registration marks on so they print along with your cut outs. The first image is my design laid out on my cutting mat in the Silhouette Designer Edition.  As you can see, I try (don't always remember) to keep a layered version of the finished card with my file so that I can remember how I put it all together if I want to make another one. The second image shows the process of cutting the files out once I've printed it off.  I always do an offset to all of my images or just put a rectangle behind them in the same color with no cut set so that when it cuts, there is no white showing around the edges. My Cameo does an awesome job 98% of the time cutting right along the line but this way I never have to worry about the other 2% of the time...LOL....Once I have it cut (I almost always use AC card stock as it cuts like butter in the machine), then I use my Spectrum markers to 'color' the edges...hate seeing that white edge. I've got to get some use out of those expensive markers...LOL..

Everything is done in the program...I fill my shapes and add my sentiment.  I would die if my cutter quit!  I can't imagine cutting with scissors like I used to!  Remember the 100 boxes I made for Jerri Ann's wedding and cut by hand...


My card was made using a kit called Little Charmer by Laurie Ann HGD and some paper from Beachy Keen by Erica Zane...the kite paper (Beachy Keen) matched perfectly with the flowers from Little Charmer.  I just used the eye dropper tool to match my solid images.  I used a cut file called Lattice Screen from the online store. Used the offset tool to add a white sticker border around the flowers and then cut them and layered them on top of the lattice and added buttons and twice.  All of the paper is layered on a kraft card base and rounded one corner.  Used colored pens for my fake stitching and added a few gems. 

Last one....a birthday card for my niece.  I used paper from Birthday Celebration...a collab by quite a few artist...Laurie Ann being one of them...I love her designs!  I used her music sheet to the background and then just drew some funky circles and used the sketch tool in the program to give it the hand drawn pen look and made the line color white...spaced them around the edges of the background.  I then made my cardbase by adding a scallop edge to the right side and welding it to my card front...I printed the inside sentiment and my logo on the back before I sent it to the Cameo to cut the scallop edge.  I'm sure there would have been an easier way to add the color to that edge but this was the only way I could figure it out. I then cut a scallop edge, identical to my scallop edge on my card and filled it with the turquoise color, cut it out and glued it on top of the card base edge.  I then cut the pink strip, added glitter by putting double stick tape down the front and then adhering the glitter to the tape.  Then I layered the backgound to the front of the cardbase and covered my seam between the background and the turquoise border with the pink glittered border. The wordart and tag were both part of the digital kit and I just traced them and cut them with the Cameo as well as the birthday cake. I did cut two of the birthday cakes and layered them with foam dots. The first cake is glued directly to the background, then the tag sentiment is added with foam dots and then the second cake is added on top of that with higher foam dots.  A few pearls, some fake white stitching and some glitter to the cake and popped on the Happy Birthday...super cute!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! I hope to post the final three next week....need to get some groceries bought and go for my walk.

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  1. What does case mean?
    First card I like very plain and simple very nice for a man. The thought and work you put into it was not plain and simple. Nice work!
    Would look nice in browns.
    The next two card are fabulous love the colors and all the details. Great work!
    Yes I do remember the boxes for Jerri Ann's wedding wasn't there a camera case to?

  2. The polite way of saying I stole the idea from someone else...I cased the card! LOL....kind of liked borrowed the idea. Yes, it would look good in brown too. Thanks for the kudos.

    Yes, there was a disposable camera cover, life savers roll cover, and much more! Way, way too much cutting!



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