June 4, 2008

Day 108

I don't understand how such beautiful clouds can carry such power to cause massive damage. This is the thunderhead that was in front of a huge storm that hit south of us yesterday. I took this on my way home from work. We only got a bit of rain but about 60 miles south, they had flooding rains, hail and high winds. A tornado was spotted but it never touched down.
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  1. Nice shot but why is it so flat?
    If you had a few hills maybe it would have stop all that bad wheather from coming on over to us.
    We had 3 inches of rain last night and this morning. It is raining now
    and we have warnings for tornado,severe thunderstoms, and flash floods just to the south of us.

  2. My mother always told me to share everything...I'll be sending you some more in the next few days. We have strong thunderstorms coming again tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.



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