June 8, 2008

Day 112

Just one of my deep purple Iris'. Haven't done much of anything this weekend due to the trip to KC and then we went down to B&P's for a fish fry and stayed most of the afternoon. The fish was fresh caught this week and boy, was it ever good. She also fixed hush puppies and they were awesome. I need to get her recipe for them. Not that I will fix them, lol, I'll just put it in the recipe box and forget about it.
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  1. This is pretty. Do yours stand up good? I have never planted Iris (in the ground)but all that I see around here always fall all over the place.

  2. These stand straight up until they start to fade and then they start falling over. I usually cut them down to the ground then and cut the blades down to about 6 inches.



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