June 7, 2008

Day 111

Nothing special today. Just a shot of my Blue Eyed Grass. I finally found a place in my yard that it likes. I've got this planted in a small garden on the south side of my porch with some Lirope. It's done fabulous in that spot. When I made my first perennial bed, a hundred years ago, I wanted this to 'ring' the bed but couldn't get it to come back after the winter. Finally gave up. Then, after we finished the porch, I picked up some more and decided to try again. Guess its finally found a home cause its doing great!
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  1. This I have never seen or if I have I've never noticed the bloom. I really like it. I have Lirope out front and I have always iiked it.

  2. This is really awesome stuff. It blooms on the tips of the grass blades once the sun starts hitting it. It will root itself, kind of like the Lirope. I'm glad I finally found a spot that it likes.



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