March 5, 2009

Post 269

Guess what I found today.......This will make you feel better.
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  1. Yes, it does make me feel better. It's gloomy here today but still warm. I'd like to get out and cut some flowers and bushes back but hard to do on crutches. I'm hoping something will be done by the end of next week so I can get back on the road to recovery. I haven't walked around the yard much to see if I can see any flowers coming up but if the sun comes out tomorrow, I might get out there. I'm ready for green and color. Our grass is greening up a bit but not a lot yet. We are building a new garage this Spring, so I'll have some new beds to work in front of it. I can't wait!

  2. It's been in the 80 here today and where did I spend my day????At the ER with Mother. Don't know what is going on but we can't get her awake.
    I was in a hurry yesterday when I posted this quick layout and Zach was hanging over my arm saying are "you done yet" so I forgot to say that everything was from Shabby Miss Jen & The Lily Pad.

  3. Hey Pat....You finally made a comment. Good for you.



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