March 25, 2009

Post 273

I snapped this one today when I went out front to watch for Zach. It had been raining and no sun but it's not to bad. Wish I had gotten down a little lower but my knees just doesn't do that.
Used some things from DDE,Shabby Princess,Tootlebugz and my own. Changed colors on several pieces.
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  1. I like how you 'punched' the hole in the frame for the tag and the bow. That makes it look so realistic and I love how your stitching is coming loose too. I can't believe you have daffodils in bloom. I don't have any yet. Well, maybe I don't...since I haven't been out of the house in a week, I guess I don't know that for sure. I go to the doctor in the morning and hope he releases me from this couch. Not that I will do much but at least I can sit up! Great layout, as usual.



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